Grand Marnier, luscious sweet buckwheat honey, creamy, rich and mouth filling, bran buds with chocolate milk, hot and peppery. Dried, dark fruits, barrel notes. Creamy and weighty in the mouth. Highly recommended. ★★★★☆

Canadian Whisky Reviews

> Wiser’s Red Letter 2013 Release 45% alc/vol

Dusty rye, baking spices, crisp oak and fresh-cut firewood, with vanilla-caramel sweetness dissolve in a long, hot, gingery finish that fades to citrus pith. ★★★★★

> Collingwood 21-Year-Old Canadian Rye

Mellow, smooth and oh so robust with dark and sour rye bread, floral tones, something like licorice, and loads of herbal notes. The smoothest of the smooth. ★★★★☆

> Masterson’s Straight Barley Whiskey (46% alc/vol)

Unusual 100% unmalted barley whisky with a huge herbal nose and dusty herbal palate. Earth, corn cobs, fennel, green apples, sweet spices and crème brulée. ★★★★★

> Stalk & Barrel Cask 1 (62.3% alc/vol)

Sweet, poached pears, marzipan, and apple pie with juicy fruit gum, cinnamon, nutmeg, wet hay, and earthy rye. Grain dust and cream of wheat mellow hot white pepper. Youthful but mature beyond its years. ★★★☆

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Canadian Whisky News & Views

> Forty Creek Distillery sold to Campari

Italy’s Gruppo Campari will buy 100% of Forty Creek Distillery. John Hall will remain as whisky maker and chairman of the company. A small to medium-sized distillery with three stills, Forty Creek has capacity to make about 555,000 cases of whisky annually.

> How Canadian Whisky is Made

This new video from Hiram Walker Distillery gives a good overview of how Canadian whisky is made and what makes it unique.

> Directory of Craft Distillers in Canada

A directory of all known craft distilleries in Canada, that operate their own still and have product for sale to the public. Starting a distillery? Your biggest asset is a detailed business plan.

> Canadian Whisky Awards 2013 Winners

Lot No. 40, a whisky that was first distilled seven generations ago has been named the Canadian Whisky of the Year Award at the fourth annual Canadian Whisky Awards held in Victoria BC, January 16, 2014.

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