Corby showcases Canadian whisky with the Northern Border Collection Rare Release.

Canadian Whisky Reviews

> Pike Creek 21yo Speyside Finish 45%

Sweet and fruity with dry lumber, tobacco, mild peppery spices, malted barley and dried fruit. Mouth warming and a little bit slippery. ★★★★★

> Lot No 40 Cask Strength 55%

Dark fruits, blistering spices, pleasingly bitter with oak caramels, an oiliness and hints of wild flowers. ★★★★★

> Gooderham & Worts Little Trinity 17yo

Clean wood, vanilla, crème brulée, dried candied fruit, smoldering rye spices, creamy corn and delicate barrel notes. ★★★★★

> JP Wisers 35 Year Old – 50% abv

Fruity floral tones, oak, tobacco, sweet grain, and brisk and glowing peppers. Hints of hay and green grass. Soft waxy finish. ★★★★★

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Canadian Whisky News & Views

> Canadian Whisky Awards 2017 Best in the World

The results of the 7th annual Canadian Whisky Awards 2017. Whisky of the Year, Masterson’s 10 Year Old Rye Batch PSA3.

> A Journalist’s Primer on Canadian Whisky

This primer is a carefully researched overview of key points about Canadian whisky to assist journalists and others. It may be quoted freely with credit to the author.

> My Very Own Crown Royal

Dark ripe fruit, lively spices, clean crisp oak, simmering white pepper and citrus zest all wrapped in luscious butterscotch. Big, big whisky.

> Outlaw Poets Serenade Canadian Whisky

British Columbia country music group, the Outlaw Poets have just recorded a song about our favourite beverage – Canadian whisky. Listen and view on their YouTube channel.

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