Sweetness and apple pie with hints of roses that develop tingly spices, crispy wood and typical rye fruitiness. Smooth vanilla pudding with a buttery finish. ★★★★★

Canadian Whisky Reviews

> Pendleton Midnight (45%)

Full bodied with hefty toffee notes and searing peppers over flinty rye, citrus notes and soft fruit. ★★★★☆ (Four and one half stars)

> Forty Creek Three Grain Harmony

Mountains of dark fruit, toffee, and crispy oak burst to life amidst searing peppers. The initial boldness is then tempered with a delicate range of fruits, spices and floral notes. Complex. ★★★★★

> Gooderham & Worts (44.4%)

Pansies, clean, crisp oak, dry grain, dark fruits and pithy citrus notes. Tightly integrated and very complex. Great Canadian whisky. ★★★★★

> JP Wiser’s Double Still Rye (43.4%)

Big whisky with butterscotch, bracing hot peppers, sweet baking spices, dried grain, roasted chestnuts, dried fruit, and coffee beans. ★★★★☆

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Canadian Whisky News & Views

> My Very Own Crown Royal

Dark ripe fruit, lively spices, clean crisp oak, simmering white pepper and citrus zest all wrapped in luscious butterscotch. Big, big whisky.

> Canadian Whisky Paperback Edition

This little book may be portable, but make no mistake, it is chock full of fantastic info. Great stories and excellent history. Very thorough yet easy to read.

> A Journalist’s Primer on Canadian Whisky

This primer is a carefully researched overview of key points about Canadian whisky to assist journalists and others. It may be quoted freely with credit to the author.

> Does Ontario want to kill off Canadian whisky?

A bottle of Wiser’s Deluxe made in Windsor from Ontario grain is sold to the LCBO for $6.35. Ontarians pay $27.25 for that same bottle at the LCBO. Of the $20.90 increase, $16.14 goes to the LCBO and the provincial government.

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