Hot, and sweet with dark fruits, creamy cereals, hints of pansies. Burley tobacco takes it into the lower registers as do hints of oak. A bright, lively, potent, but not overly complex whisky, with a sweet and fruity finish.★★★★☆

Canadian Whisky Reviews

> Twelve Barrels 40%

Hits all the right notes with sweet intro, peppery, spicy, citrus middle and a longish peppery, pithy finish. ★★★★

> Gibson’s Bold 8 year old 46%

Redolent of rum, kola beans, vanilla, and sweet rye on the nose and the ever-so-robust palate. Sizzling spices spiciness and the classic Gibson’s grapefruit pith finish. ★★★★

> JP Wisers Last Barrels 45%

Floral fruity esters, sweet butterscotch, balsam, crisp clean wood, tobacco, vanilla, dark fruits, silky corn and lively peppers The glories of great spirit matured slowly. ★★★★★

> JP Wiser’s Hopped Whisky (40%)

Canvas and burlap with heavy fall flowers and dry brown hay. The palate begins with burnt caramel, searing spices and ripe orchard fruits and ends in a long juicy finish with a slight bitterness that integrates IPA hops and citrus pith. ★★★★☆

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Canadian Whisky News & Views

> Canadian Whisky Awards 2015 – Best In The World

Lot No. 40 from Corby Distilleries has won Canadian Whisky of 2015 in The Canadian Whisky Awards.

> Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert

Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert is the definitive book about Canadian whisky. History, how it is made, where the flavours come from, the distilleries and over 100 tasting notes.

> My Very Own Crown Royal

Dark ripe fruit, lively spices, clean crisp oak, simmering white pepper and citrus zest all wrapped in luscious butterscotch. Big, big whisky.

> A Journalist’s Primer on Canadian Whisky

This primer is a carefully researched overview of key points about Canadian whisky to assist journalists and others. It may be quoted freely with credit to the author.

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