Dave Broom’s Whisky: The Manual brings new insights to the real joy of whisky – its myriad flavours. After delving into its history and how whisky is made, we learn how to tease out the richest and most subtle of its flavours.

Canadian Whisky Reviews

> Golden Wedding 40% abv

Hot, peppery and slightly spirity. Rich in toffee, with hints of burnt caramel and nutty dry grain. Dusty rye with earthy and flinty overtones and hints of pickle juice. Cooked fruit and hints of flowers. ★★★☆

> Amherst Gate 40%

Sweet, peppery and hot with dusty old wood, citrus zest, and burnt toffee that ends with a refreshing grapefruit pithiness. It’s a bit spirity which is why it works so well in cocktails and highballs. ★★★

> Crown Royal X.O.

The smoothest Crown Royal ever, except for the 1939 original. Rich and creamy in the mouth with clean wood, leather, tobacco and ripe black fruits Some berry notes and sizzling gingery pepper. ★★★★★

> Mastersons 12 Year Old Straight Wheat Whiskey (50% alc/vol)

Grand Marnier, luscious sweet buckwheat honey, creamy, rich and mouth filling, bran buds with chocolate milk, hot and peppery. Dried, dark fruits, barrel notes. Creamy and weighty in the mouth. Highly recommended. ★★★★☆

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Canadian Whisky News & Views

> Stalk & Barrel Single Malt at LCBO

Vaughan, Ontario, May 23, 2014 – Still Waters Distillery announces the release of its STALK & BARREL SINGLE MALT WHISKY at the LCBO. This is the first Single Malt Whisky to be distilled, aged and bottled in Ontario.

> Canadian Whisky Paperback Edition

This little book may be portable, but make no mistake, it is chock full of fantastic info. Great stories and excellent history. Very thorough yet easy to read.

> Forty Creek Distillery sold to Campari

Italy’s Gruppo Campari will buy 100% of Forty Creek Distillery. John Hall will remain as whisky maker and chairman of the company. A small to medium-sized distillery with three stills, Forty Creek has capacity to make about 555,000 cases of whisky annually.

> How Canadian Whisky is Made

This new video from Hiram Walker Distillery gives a good overview of how Canadian whisky is made and what makes it unique.

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