Snake River Stampede 8 year old Canadian whisky

Snake River Stampede 8 year old 40% abv (80 proof)

October 22, 2011


Butterscotch, dusty rye, hot white pepper, dark fruits and ginger. Refreshing citric pith and zest. Creamy smooth, then slightly grippy. Spicy Rye. ★★★★

Since the 1970s a major component of the business of Canadian whisky distillers has been bulk whisky shipped to the U.S. for bottling and distribution. This is how many of the best known Canadian whisky brands enter the American market. But along with big names such as Lord Calvert, Windsor, and Canadian Mist, there is also a growing niche of independent private labels that buy custom-blended Canadian whisky and bottle it themselves. And within this burgeoning group is a sub-niche of ‘rodeo whiskies,’ that is, whiskies created especially for ever-popular rodeo events.  These are best exemplified by Pendleton and Snake River Stampede.

Although bottled in Cottage Grove, Oregon, by former Indio distiller, John Ufford, Snake River Stampede whisky is most definitely crafted to make the most of its Canadian heritage. To begin with, before being shipped to Oregon, the whisky spends 8 years in Canada, maturing in ex-Bourbon barrels before being blended and transferred for an additional 6 months to used sherry casks for marrying. While it is not a super-complex whisky, it is no mere mixer either. Eight years in wood, and additional time in sherry casks for finishing have given it significant breadth of palate. Among the rodeo whiskies this one is a real standout.

Not that I am a big fan of so-called “smooth” whiskies – a little edge can be quite invigorating – but though its peppery spice may kick like a stallion, Snake River Stampede really does feel good going down neat. The bottler recommends drinking it on the rocks or with water, or with a soft drink, but also suggests that there is enough flavour that it can be warmed and served like a cognac after dinner.

Nose: Unlike some bottled-in-the-U.S. Canadian whiskies, this smells like real Canadian rye. The nose starts slightly sweet, but it is also as dry and dusty as August on the range – you can almost imagine the sage brush. There is not a lot of rye spiciness at first, but that quickly changes to sweet ginger and allspice, along with hints of dark fruit and vague suggestions of lilacs. The initial hard-rye dryness soon gives way to a slight oiliness as the nose becomes rich and more expressive. Hints of cedar, a touch of spirit, the vaguest pickle juice, and a citric bitterness round it out.

Palate: Sweet, with creamy butterscotch, burnt sugar, sweet citric notes, and a spicy warming pepper that quickly becomes very hot. There are suggestions of oak, refreshing bitter grapefruit pith, almost acidic grapefruit zest, and a hard steely rye. It’s big and fruity and not overly complex, but a really good sipper. A neatly-integrated synthesis of sweetness, tantalizing citric zest, pepper, and just a flash of hot sushi ginger hangs together well into the middle. Ginger, cloves, and cinnamon linger under a really tingly pepper that grows progressively hotter. Slight notes of fresh lumber provide quiet support in the background. An initially syrupy mouthfeel develops a certain grippyness, but with less wood than you might expect in an eight-year-old whisky. And don’t ask me how, but there is a vague suggestion of salt.

Finish: Medium. Glowing white pepper with a slightly sweet and fruity background. Refreshing zesty citric bitterness.

Empty Glass: Not much, maybe a hint of lumber, dry grain, sour fruits, and dusty rye.

Oregon’s Indio Spirits launched Snake River Stampede Canadian Whisky in August 2006, in partnership with Snake River Stampede Rodeo. The story of how that came to be is classically Western frontier. It seems Steve Tester, president of the Snake River Stampede Rodeo, was seated next to Indio president, Bob Turner, on a commuter flight from Boise to Portland. The two got to talking and after exchanging life stories decided that they might benefit from a joint venture. Turner had the idea of pairing a distinctly western whisky with a uniquely western rodeo. Turner had the whisky; Tester had the rodeo. It all made perfect sense. Before they parted, the two had clinched the deal with a gentlemen’s handshake. That’s right, no focus groups, no test marketing, no lawyers, just good personal chemistry and a handshake. The result: Snake River Stampede 8 year old Canadian whisky. Thank goodness some people still trust their gut.

Each July, the Snake River Stampede Rodeo brings thousands of riders, rodeo fans, and country music lovers to Nampa, Idaho. Tester, who has been involved with it for 34 of its 95-year history, says that this event has grown to become the eighth largest rodeo in the world. Its huge purse, now $400,000, has attracted A-list rodeo stars such as singing cowboy Gene Autry and bareback bronc-riding champion, Clint Cannon. Fortunately, although the rodeo is over in less than a week, Snake River Stampede whisky is available year round, and in 18 states from Florida to Hawaii. And what’s more, you need not even own a pair of cowboy boots to enjoy it. A ten-year-old version is currently in the works.

Suggested retail price $27.00

Highly recommended. ★★★★


28 Responses to “Snake River Stampede 8 year old 40% abv (80 proof)”

  1. Wendy Harker:

    Hi Davin: There are so many sweet deals made through a handshake. I love the Turner-Tester story. And Snake River Stampede sounds very tastey. You’ve just begun to scratch the surface of the Canadian whisky-American bottling relationship. I wish someone at the LCBO understood the Ontario whisky drinker and saw to it that these bottlings landed on our shelves. Thanks for the report.


    • Davin:

      Thanks Wendy. Yes, there are some great Canadian whiskies available in other countries only. What we need in Canada is some independent bottlers doing low-volume, high-quality bottlings.

  2. George Jetson:

    Thanks for the review Davin, I saw this in of all places, Amersfoort, The Netherlands. It’s not on the shelves here in Chicago yet. Think I’ll wait for it and use my precious luggage space for some more of that G&M Caperdonich from van Wees.

    • Davin:

      Ahh, yes, love Caperdonich.

  3. Terry Ellis:

    What liquor store in Alberta sells Snake River Stampede? I’ve looked around in Camrose County,but found nothing. I have asked a few stores to get it in stock,but still no luck.

    • Davin:

      Hi Terry,
      As far as I know Snake River Stampede is only available in the US. Maybe it’s time for a little cross-border shopping!

      • Colum:

        Picked up a bottle of this in Calgary, I liked it, and decided to just see what reviews were out there……it’s now stocked at Silver Springs Liquor Store in NW Calgary….at a great price too…..

  4. Lothar Ihle:

    Hello from Germany,
    do you send this great Whysky also to germany ???

    • Davin:

      As far as I know Snake River Stampede is available in the U.S. only.

      • Jeff:

        Clovis California. Groggs Irish Pub offers it.

  5. Gerald Hunter:

    You are a wonderful writer, with a nose and palate which needs to be bronzed. I love this stuff, but as with most Canadians, it’s a low proof. It seems the prohibition years lessen the standards for punch, and we are just getting over it. I’m looking for a good, affordable Rye now. Any suggestions?

    • Davin:

      Hi Gerald,
      Yes, I really like Snake River Stampede, as you can tell. If it is huge rye flavour you are looking for my favourites right now (and they will change in an hour, you can be sure) are John’s Private Cask – $70, Wiser’s Legacy – $50, Alberta Premium 30 year old – $50, WhistlePig – $70, Jefferson Rye – $50. They are all different but great whiskies. If you want masses of flavour right off the bat try the Private Cask.

  6. Davin:

    Yes, mine has a cork. I don’t know if they do a screw-cap version.

  7. Steve Ummel:

    Can I order the 8 year old premium for home shipment? Live in Chicago. Tasted it in St Paul a few weeks ago. Thx, Steve

    • Davin:

      Hi Steve, Probably best to try one of the on-line liquor stores.

  8. kurt place:

    Tried it and we loved it. My father and I usually share a new whiskey when we get together and this was the fare of the day. Very smooth and at first it had flavors I could not identify (yes OP you have more experience than I do) but it was enjoyable and we savored.

    • Davin:

      Hi Kurt,
      glad you enjoyed it. I think they make really fine whisky. smooth yes, and quite flavorful.

  9. Alan Barrie:

    Snake River Stampede whiskey is now being imported into Canada by my company (Bottoms Up Beverage Co). The first shipment will be released today for sale into Alberta. cheers

    • Davin:

      That’s good news! Lucky Alberta.

  10. Jason:

    Love Stampede, I tried a bottle recently and went back to buy two more and both bottles have a lot of sediment. Is this normal? Is it OK to drink?

    • Davin:

      Generally light-coloured sediment is a good thing. It is flavourful fatty acids that have fallen out of solution when the whisky got cold.

  11. hayley:

    One of my favorites.

  12. Is snake river available in Ohio?

  13. Jason:

    This has been my favorite since trying it about 4 years ago. Suggestions for anything similar in flavor so I can switch it up if I feel the urge?

    • Davin:

      Try Pendleton.

  14. Really nice whiskey that’s smooth.With nice body to it. The price is right too.

  15. [...] Snake River Stampede is stronger and has much more of a spice edge. On the palate it is sweet, and also spicy, maybe some crème brûlée. This has been aged longer than the Ellington and has a higher amount of rye blended in. It has a more desirable heavy mouthfeel, although there’s that bit of a woody & spicey bite. Has an almost ginger-ale like finish. My judgement? This would be quite excellent as a mixer!  Just not special enough to buy as a straight sipper. For another view, see the review by Canadian whisky expert, Davin de Kergommeaux [...]

  16. Serg. Ponce:

    My name is Serg Ponce. I live in Oklahoma City. I’m in the market of sales. I represent your product. I’m a huge fan. I feel it is a superior product to Pendleton and Crown. I happen to be best friends with some one who has a great influence in Las Vegas. I’d love to have a sit down with who ever is in charge of Snake River Stampede. And I’d love to expose your product to the available market I see fit. NFR. I feel like it’d be a great product development/target market to see just how far we could take this. I look forward to any and all feed back you’d have available for me. (405)669-1227. Thank you for your time.

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