Gooderham & Worts Little Trinity 17yo

August 29, 2017


Clean dry wood, vanilla, luscious crème brulée, sweet dried fruit, hot rye spices, creamy corn and enticing barrel tones. ★★★★★

Walk about three minutes north from the historic Gooderham & Worts Distillery District in Toronto and you’ll find “Little Trinity” the red brick Gothic Revival Anglican church that Willam Gooderham built in 1843 for his workers. Other places of worship required churchgoers to pay pew fees. Little Trinity did not put such demands on its faithful. That was typical Gooderham altruism.

This new limited edition Gooderham & Worts whisky pays homage to that history. It is a robust 17-year-old whisky made from three grains rather than the four typically used for that brand, and it is named Gooderham & Worts Little Trinity. It is also bottled at 45% abv, slightly higher than the 44.4% Gooderham & Worts core expression. Gooderham & Worts is one of four whiskies in the Northern Border Collection and this special edition comes to us as part of the 2017 Rare Releases series.

A blend of five spirits, each at least 17 years old, Little Trinity includes three different double-distilled corn base whiskies. One was matured in brand new virgin oak barrels, a second spent 18 years in once-used ex-bourbon barrels, and the third matured in barrels that had already been used several times to mature other whiskies. Add to this, once-distilled rye whisky matured in ex-bourbon barrels and once-distilled wheat whisky matured in virgin oak.

The array of flavours is just splendid: Old tinder-dry boards, white creamy clover honey, dried Christmas cake fruits, golden sultanas, hard rye spices, clean lumber, a lovely subtle and long-lasting glow on the tongue, soft crème brulée and sweet vanilla. Oak tannins from virgin wood are restrained, tasting and feeling more like walnuts. Rye spices sit front and centre without overpowering the creamy sweetness of the corn and delicate oaky tones from used barrel wood.

★★★★★ Very highly recommended.

$79.95 at LCBO Price to be verified when the whisky is released in October 2017.


5 Responses to “Gooderham & Worts Little Trinity 17yo”

  1. Toronto Tim:

    Will get a few for Xmas gifting, for sure. But at this range 80-90 $CAD, will it be worth it for 2 regular bots of Gooderham ? …

  2. [...] Gooderham & Worts Little Trinity is a 17 year old whisky which is a blend of three grains – corn, rye, and wheat. A nice sipping whisky where each grain will linger across the palate delivering a pleasant finish. This whisky celebrates the story of Little Trinity Church, a church that William Gooderham established in 1842 for his mill and distillery employees who couldn’t afford the high pew fees in the area. 750ml bottle priced at $79.95 [...]

  3. toronto tim:

    Nah, over-priced. At this range, one has a HUGE range of bourbon, armagnacs, and even Scotches to choose from; but will get ONE for keep sake …

    • neandrewthal:

      Not at 17 years old! It’s a bit expensive for a Canadian at 17, but it’s still cheaper than any other spirit. And times are changing too. It won’t be long before you can’t find any Canadian 17 or older under $80. Look at the Canadian Rockies 21 and the price hike on the Gibson’s 18. Glad I got an extra Ninety 20 year and Century Reserve 21 in stock while they were below $50

  4. I think this one is a gem…Let it unfold…Davin hits it with the honey-fruitcake-and Rye…it’s a dynamic pour– one that doesn’t attack you but almost sneaks up and overwhelms you… I love the Lot.40 and especially the Lot.40 Cask—But this one is quite a Pleasant Surprise!..It won’t be here long–and a 17 year is rare also— I say Get it while you can!!

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