Gibson’s Bold 8 year old 46%

July 4, 2016


A rich nose redolent of rum, kola beans, vanilla, and sweet rye, ably predicts the juicy, robust palate. Hints of dark rum along with a hot pleasing spiciness and the classic grapefruit pith finish. ★★★★

When a favourite brand announces a new bottling that is this appealing, the time is right for a celebration. And judging from traffic on this site, Gibson’s is many people’s favourite whisky.

Gibson’s Finest Venerable, Rare and Sterling pretty much had the waterfront covered with a long-aged connoisseur whisky, a 12-year-old sipping whisky, and a brisk, flavourful, value-priced mixer. With the new Gibson’s Finest Bold, brand owner William Grant and Sons strikes out in a new direction and we are delighted.

With amped up rye flavours, and bottled at 46%, this sumptuous blend is powerfully robust to please those seeking full flavour and immediate satisfaction in a sipping whisky, all the while providing a mixing whisky that makes every cocktail whisky-forward.

There’s no question, the twenty-teens are seeing a revival of big whiskies at reasonable prices and Gibson’s Finest Bold is right in there with the best of them.

It is sure to be favoured for summer cocktails, and come winter, Gibson’s Bold will segue into fireside sipping and Christmas celebration. But since summer is upon us now, try it with Coke, long over ice.

Available in Alberta, BC, Manitoba and Ontario for now. Get some.

Highly Recommended. ★★★★


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4 Responses to “Gibson’s Bold 8 year old 46%”

  1. Mike:

    My first few glasses failed to impress. Found it spirity and unbalanced. Now, about a quarter through the bottle, I’m enjoying it more. I find that these extra-dark whiskies have an element of bitterness and I wonder if it has anything to do with the extra colouring added.

    • James:

      I’m with Mike. I have always loved my whiskey with a splash of Canada Dry gingerale, and wasn’t impressed with the first drink. The second, mixed the same with a touch more ice, led to a 3rd..

  2. Peter:

    I respectfully disagree with Mike…I liked the Bold at first taste. Not only a fine full taste but also no unpleasant lightly bitter, taste after taste…A fine addition to an established superior range of products…….. pgm

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