Forty Creek Cream Liquor 17% alc/vol

September 9, 2012


New in Ontario for 2012, Christmas revelers have a spirit of their own with which to celebrate the season. John K. Hall likes to remind himself that without a long whisky pedigree he need not feel constrained by tradition. So it’s no real surprise that he looked to Ireland for inspiration when crafting one of his latest creations. It’s a cream liquor, made with fresh Ontario dairy cream blended in a base of Forty Creek whisky. And, at least for now, it’s exclusive to Ontario.

Served over ice Forty Creek Cream makes a fine office toast or after-dinner drink. Or, pour a wee dram in your coffee for a luxurious steaming dessert café. Actually, it’s bottled at 17% alc./vol., so maybe that dram shouldn’t be so “wee” after all.

Nose: Powdered chocolate milk, creamy vanilla, chocolate-covered caramel cream, and melting-soft milk chocolate.

Palate: Sweet but not liqueur sweet. A creamy-rich mouthfeel is wrapped around vague hints of coconut, aromatic burnt sugar, fresh butter, milk chocolate, hints of coffee-cream chocolate bars, a slight whisky essence, vanilla milkshake, and caramel-dipped frozen custard. Nummy!

Finish: Creamy, vague hints of rye pepper, and a touch of spirit on the tongue. Towards the end tingling rye spices just begin to emerge from the creamy milk chocolate.

$28.95 at LCBO.

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9 Responses to “Forty Creek Cream Liquor 17% alc/vol”

  1. paddockjudge:

    I’m a push over for anything Forty Creek, but after an emphatic “Nummy!”, I’m going for two bottles. Christmas certainly is early with three new releases from Johnny Barleycorn.

  2. EnDubbs:

    Gonna stock my shelves with this for warm breakfast coffees on cold winter weekends. Gonna tell the ladies at the club all about it…going to ask them to take the challenge…”Tomorrow morning, you be the judge.”

  3. Mike T.:

    I’ve got some. It’s good. Trust me.

  4. DannyD:

    Im not one who drinks much cream liqeur but this one was pretty meh to me, stick with baileys.

  5. Armand Gaudette:

    This is my new Irish Cream styled bev. I love it.

  6. Pattie:

    Yummy! I could have drank the whole bottle myself. Next time I will be buying my own bottle.I’m not sharing lol.

  7. Derrick Roberts from New Jersey:

    I visit your distillery when I was in Canada I love the cream cannot find it here in New Jersey I would love to purchase it is there a way besides me going to Ontario again to purchase it I would love to buy case for Christmas to give to my friends as Christmas gifts my number is 732-555-5159 thank you if there’s a way

    • Davin:

      Sorry. Canada only.

  8. Billie:

    It’s really great in coffee! Just wondering if it NEEDS to be refrigerated. Its been open for a couple of weeks now sitting on the counter…and I just noticed that it says refrigerated after opening.

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