Crown Royal XR Extra Rare Canadian Whisky

Crown Royal XR – Extra Rare (40% alc./vol.)

February 15, 2012


A rich, weighty, hugely complex and skillfully structured whisky displaying ripe red fruit, fresh-cut oak, hot spices, dry grain, and violets. Rich & Oaky. ★★★★☆

Joseph Seagram’s old, and now largely demolished distillery, in Waterloo, Ontario, still has quite some cachet. In 2006, when it was announced that whisky from the last remaining barrels was to be released for sale, whisky aficionados took notice. A custom bottle was designed in honour of this end-of-an-era whisky, just as Sam Bronfman had done back in 1939 when Crown Royal was first created.

The loss of Seagram’s silent Waterloo distillery, in part to a devastating fire, has long been lamented by Canadian whisky aficionados. But it’s only fair to explain that loss to whisky lovers on both sides of the border, especially those less familiar with the Seagram’s story. So the front label on those bottles of Crown Royal XR destined for the USA makes it very clear that this is definitely the last of the Waterloo whisky. But examine the label as closely as you like, you won’t find the Seagram name anywhere, although the whisky itself is very reminiscent of older whiskies from Seagram’s.

To make XR, whisky that may well have rested in the warehouse pictured above, is masterfully blended with whiskies from Diageo’s Gimli, Manitoba plant and the resulting whisky really is one of a kind. But Crown Royal is a decidedly Diageo whisky now, and this elegant, perhaps even stately example is simply—and appropriately—called Crown Royal XR – Extra Rare.

Nose: Closed at first, the nose opens to hints of fresh lumber, cedar, sweet licorice, floral and perfumed rye notes, then hints of pine. Dry grain, mash, hayloft, then sweet cigarette tobacco follow. Light, but also rich and complex, with many intermingled essences yet no dominant notes. Among the many aromas are corn, sweet ether, mucilage, vague peppermint, hints of canned peaches, some sultanas, then a whiff of something just slightly citric.

Palate: Begins with mild toffee, like faintly floral corn whisky, and surprisingly, it tastes a bit salty. It’s sweet, but not cloying. Sweet rye baking spices show themselves right away then after a lot of other action they come back with hot flashes of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and generic ‘rye’ spices. Glowing white pepper notes along with hot peppermint create quite a warming sensation. An early bitter lemon-peel zestiness balances a rich, creamy, weighty mouthfeel, keeping the palate responsive.

What starts out as a hint of dry grain or cereal soon becomes real rye and rye bread. Freshly cut wood wafts in and out with red cedar winning in the end, even though on the tongue it’s only mildly tannic. Although it has an almost fragile delicacy, this is a hugely complex whisky, and a very skillfully integrated one, beautifully balanced with no dominant notes. Supporting this intricate structure, a foundation of ripe fruit flavours, more fruit, in fact, than wood, keeps everything in its place until it all simply melds into one. And that’s just as it should do.

Finish: Longish, peppery, and warm, with bitter zest in the middle, then hot and vaguely sweet with hints of toffee. Fragrant rye flowers, like waking up in a flower shop, then peppery, fading into hints of rye spices and fresh-cut wood. This unique lumberyard finish is just so nostalgically Canadian.

Empty Glass: Not much, but some toffee, violets, lilacs, faint hints of something sweetish, aromas of ripe fruit, peaches, and again, hints of sweet cigarette tobacco. It’s quite mild, but with lots of fresh-sawn wood.

The last barrels of Waterloo whisky were filled in November 1992, making the whisky about 14 years old at the time the first bottling of XR was made. Additional batches have since been blended to meet demand. One of the techniques Canadian whisky makers use in making their finest whiskies is to take advantage of the interplay between the mature richness of long-aged whiskies and the vibrancy of a more youthful one. “Time works wonders” was a Seagram’s motto and the original Crown Royal recipe in particular called for a blending of very old whiskies with others that ranged in ages, some of them quite young. Still, the impression that XR is seemingly made entirely with very old whisky did influence some bloggers who would have exalted its fresh luxuriant oak in a whisky perceived to be much younger.

If these reviews influenced you not to splurge on a Canadian whisky that’s at the top end of the price scale, you might want to think again. Among the 1.4 million barrels in the Gimli warehouses, only a few barrels of Waterloo whisky still remain. The stocks are dwindling. For now, Crown Royal XR is still available from a limited number of retailers. More than just history in a bottle, it represents one of the finest expressions of the blenders’ art.

At LCBO Crown XR sells for $180.00

Highly recommended.


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Vintage Crown Royal Fine De Luxe from 1963 reviewed here.

Press release for the new version of Crown Royal XR which includes whisky from the old LaSalle distillery in Montreal.


204 Responses to “Crown Royal XR – Extra Rare (40% alc./vol.)”

  1. George Jetson:


    Great review of a very good Canadian Whisky. I very much enjoyed your research and historical tidbits. I happened upon a “member’s only” sale at Sam’s Wine Warehouse just before they were sold to Binny’s and bought a bottle of the XR for a song. It definitely holds a place in the Canadian Whisky pantheon at the vaults at home. I find myself turning to this one when I want to recreate the enjoyment of my old CW favorites from the 80′s, like Schenley’s Order of Merit.

    • Davin:

      Thanks for your comments George. Yes, XR really is quite a special whisky.

      • michael sevilla:

        To make XR, whisky that may well have rested in the warehouse pictured above, is masterfully blended with whiskies from Diageo’s Gimli, Manitoba plant and the resulting whisky really is one of a kind. But Crown Royal is a decidedly Diageo whisky now, and this elegant, perhaps even stately example is simply—and appropriately—called Crown Royal XR – Extra Rare
        This statement is a bit misleading,with may have rested.
        my son gave me a bottle for my birthday this month, ive yet to open the bottle.So does it become more valuable unopened or if they need more . will they sell at as may be the coveted blend when mixed and sold

        • Davin:

          Hi Michael,

          The warehouse pictured is one of several that were used by the Waterloo Distillery. I know that some of the whisky in XR was distilled and matured in Waterloo but I cannot be certain which warehouse and since others have been demolished I took the picture in front of this one, in Waterloo.

          The whisky may go up a bit in value over time, but not so much that it is worth keeping it closed. I say enjoy it and thank your son for his generosity.

          • Andy, John and the Rest: I just went to online whiskey sales and they have a 26 oz/750 ml bottle of Crown Royal XR Red {Waterloo} and are u ready for this. They are asking $699.99 per bottle. Regarding regular CR 15 years old, rye doesn’t age and unless it was initially a rare or special blend like XR it doesn’t go up in price. Besides its illegal for us in Canada to sell liquor privately. Too bad for me, I have 22 bottles of XR Red, I always brought 3 back at a time when I visited the USA at $130 a bottle.

  2. Michael Furmaniak:

    I think that the biggest problem of Canadian and American whiskey is that is not really associated with a place, history etc. Moving a distillery from Waterloo to Manitoba is like moving Laphroiag to France and expecting to maintain whisky quality and support of those to consider Laphroaig to me their favourite whisky.
    There are numerous examples of North American whiskey that does not belong to a place and cannot create the same emotions as Scottish single malt(Pappy van Winkle and Buffalo Trace Antique Collection come to mind).
    The classical case of this lack of “belonging” is the the recent case of WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey.
    I tried to get excited about Canadian Whiskey (I am Canadian after all) but it is difficult. I know that many would say that the only important aspect of drinking whisky is the taste but for many (me included), there is much more to it.

  3. Davin:

    Hi Michael,

    There certainly is an element of romance to the idea of old distilleries, like Hiram Walker’s, even though it has been completely re-built over the years. At the same time, the way Canadian whisky makers separate the distillate into streams, age them separately, then re-constitute them, makes it much more likely to get consistency (assuming you have a good blender).

    Like you, I am curious about where WhistlePig came from, but I also kind of like the idea of an aura of mystique. I spoke to the guy who made Bush Pilot’s once, and even though it was off the market by then, he refused to disclose the source saying he wanted to maintain the mystique. I kind of like that, despite my burning curiosity.

  4. Michael Furmaniak:

    Hi Davin,

    Thank you for your reply. I am wondering if you can clarify for me the following part of your recent post:

    “the way Canadian whisky makers separate the distillate into streams, age them separately, then re-constitute them, makes it much more likely to get consistency”

    Is it always the case? I thought that Canadian Club 30YO, for instance, was aged after blending new makes(different grains) and not blended later.

    Thank you,

  5. Davin:

    Hi Michael,

    There are exceptions to every rule and in making whisky, often more
    exceptions than rules. You are correct, all of the Canadian Club
    whiskies are “barrel blended” meaning the spirit is blended before it
    is put to age. There is a little tweak on that sometimes – see my
    upcoming review of Canadian Club 10 year old. Black Velvet also
    blends before aging, but they too have their own twists, which make it
    different from the CC process.

    Thanks for reading the website and for your comments.

  6. George Jetson:

    I’d like to follow up on Michael’s comments. CW, in general, doesn’t have the big mystique of “place” built around it like the Jack Daniel’s marketing campaign, for example. However, I think you’d be mistaken to assume that not everyone seeks out certain “Holy Grail” distillery output.

    The Canadian Club that came out of the Okanagan distillery near Kelowna, B.C. is legend in the tiny circle of CW enthusiasts. I’ve done some dusty hunting in California for old stocks of Canadian Club Classic and I can assure you that it is not the same as it’s contemporary counterpart from Windsor.

    Waterloo was another, Valleyfield also has a history of excellence. I think what you may be reacting to is that the industry would rather you think that no matter where your Crown Royal comes from, it will always be the same. Also there are very few books written on the history of Canadian whisky-making, so the “lore” surrounding it is not as a colorful as some Scottish or US distilleries. There was an excellent book written about 10 years go by a female author as part of a project to celebrate a milestone on Canadian whisky. Maybe Davin could enlighten us?

  7. Davin:

    Yes, George, I’m with you on this. It’s just that most people don’t know what whisky came from where.

    The Canadian Club distillery in Kelowna (actually it was just up the road in Winfield) was build to the same specs as the distillery in Walkerville. They had the same equipment and so on, but the whisky aged a little bit differently because it is so arid in the Okanagan. They also used western rye which tastes slightly different from that used in Walkerville. Nevertheless, they were able to replicate the Walkerville flavour profile pretty well in the newly-blended spirit and in the 6-year-old mature whisky. But you are correct, many people say it tasted different from the Walkerville bottles.

    On the other hand, at one time consideration was given to having Valleyfield produce flavouring whisky for Crown Royal, but they could never get it past the quality panel. That is one of the great things about the way they make Canadian whisky. Every component is tasted blind, over and over, and if it doesn’t pass it doesn’t get used. And with virtually no independent bottlers, the less-desirable just whisky gets re-distilled and never makes it onto the shelves.

  8. JJ:

    While the XR is good, Michael would benefit researching the Bourbon county Kentucky whiskey distillers. The history is deep and storied, the bourbon…unsurpassed and amazing. They don’t move around, you can trace these whiskeys to their impetus! American excellence.

  9. Davin:

    Hi JJ,
    Yes, you are right, there are some really wonderful Bourbons out there and their stories are known because almost all of them go back to 1933 and no further. Anything earlier than that is often just that, a story. The Bourbon industry and its production methods were completely overhauled after Prohibition. The post-Prohibition distilleries rely almost exclusively on column stills, which just goes to show what great spirit you can get from a column. Whatever they are doing, they certainly are making some wonderful whiskies.

  10. Yello to Mello:

    It seems the XR is being discontinued at the LC…

    Cask no. 16 is being discontinued as well….are you working on a review for this one for the near future Davin?

  11. Davin:

    This might just be the LCBO working things through the system.

    As far as I know, at current sales volumes in Canada and the U.S., Diageo has enough whisky left for about two years’ supply of Crown XR. Cask 16 is also still in production. They do a new batch every February. Eventually I plan to review every Canadian whisky I can lay my hands on, but in the next little while I have Caribou Crossing, Canadian Club Sherry Cask & 30 year old, and 4 Glen Bretons in the queue. Yes, I will review Cask 16 as time allows. I probably have enough tastings already to write a review of it.

  12. Yello to Mello:

    Thats good to know Davin, and reviewing those whiskies in that queue would indeed be better to do first.

  13. Greg:

    Davin – just completed a cruise where they served the XR in a number of their bars and sold it in their duty free store. I enjoyed a dram one evening in the cigar lounge and was impressed with the whiskey. I ended up picking up a bottle in St. Marteen for a reasonable price (along with other whiskey goodies).

  14. Davin:

    Greg, you are a lucky man indeed! Supplies of XR are starting to disappear.

  15. Yello to Mello:

    I tried this on Canada day. A friend of mine found a single bottle in texas for $120. It was very good from what I remember…unfortunately I was too many beers deep at the pool party….hehehe but I tried to remember this.

    My friend claims to know a Diageo rep and alhough (as Davin mentioned earlier here) that they have 2 years of XR from Waterloo they are changing it up and rebranding the whisky they used for the XR. The rep didnt know what profiles they plan on making with some of the leftovers or how they are going to do it.

    • Davin:

      That sounds like good new to me. I haven’t spoken to them about their plans for XR recently but I do know it was running out more quickly than theyhad expected.

  16. morgan:

    its so good u can get it at the liquor store near me winthrop liquors for 125$ a bottle..its a great deal!

  17. Rob:

    Just noticed the lobo released a large batch od XR. I had to add it to my collection so I bought myself a bottle for 180. Just wondering if this is older than the last batch of XR? Hopefully it is. How old is this stuff anyway?

    • Davin:

      I do not know. However . . . The last whisky was made in Waterloo in November 1992 so some of the whisky in XR could be 19 years old. There may also be some that is a lot older than that in the blend as well. Seagram’s blended to taste rather than by a strict age formula and Diageo has continued that practice, since they bought the brand. There probably is some younger whisky in there as well to maintain the flavour profile. But, as I said, I am just guessing.

  18. Paul:

    Bought my bottle of crown xr today. think i will choose x-mas eve for my first tasting of this canadian classic.

  19. Paul:

    ok. i’m weak. confession i tasted it tonight couldn’t hold out. it was as great drink still savory it’s richness unable to describe. one comment on bottling. the plug used is very tight and caused me to spill a tiny bit when removing. all be it precious little i found the force needed excessive/ angles shares gonna escape this bottle.
    absolutely heaven in a whisky glass.

  20. Mary S:

    I just received as a gift a bottle of CR XR made from the last batch of whiskeys from the ledendary waterloo distillery . still in original box, seal not broken. I was curious to know of it’s worth. I didn’t know if I should open it and enjoy or save if this will be a collectors item today or someday. I love my crown but have never drank anymore than the black.

    • Davin:

      Hi Mary,

      Old Canadian whisky does not go up in vaue very much so there is no worry abut drinking a future treasure. Right now that bottle is worth a bit less than $200 in Canada and about $130 in the .S. I doubt it will go up very much.


  21. Mary S:

    Thank you, I will break the seal soon for a special occasion. If nothing special comes up I will just make one up. ;-)
    Thank you for the information.

  22. Trevor Dell:

    I bought a bottle at the Vancouver airport duty free before I returned to Australia. Being a dual citizen and having grown up in Calgary I will probably just keep it for that “Special” occasion. I had worked at Alberta distileries in Calgary when I had released from the Army,
    and loved Tangle ridge and Alberta Pure Rye whiskey but unfortunately, now, I do not find it appeals to my pallet any longer. Which is sad. I have alot of fond memories from the plant….

  23. Maurice Guillette:

    I have a bottle of Crown Royal Dated unsealed 1973 (#B5505214) as I received it as a gift somewhere around that time. It has evavaporated about 1 inch is this still drinkable.

    • Davin:

      Yes, if it is still sealed and has never been opened it should still be good to drink, and that is the best thing to do with it as it is not worth very much money.

  24. Dave:

    I miss the Waterloo distillery as it was the original home of Seagrams and was a great place to work at. Now it’s just a museum that I hardly ever see people at. I feel that we made a great product and that the big wigs in the Toronto head office never cared about. We took pride in every barrel that we produced for quality and taste and now it’s just a mass production to make it cheaper and get more profit

    • Davin:

      Hi Dave,
      Yes, I still have some old Waterloo bottles and the whisky in them is really something else.
      Did you ever meet Mr. Sam? He revolutionized whisky blending right around the world.

  25. brandan:

    I have a bottle of XR red unopened what would it be worth now ? any help would be great . Thank You .

    • Davin:

      About what you paid for it, maybe a bit less since it is so difficult to find a buyer.

  26. Wade Ballard:

    I bought a red bottle of Crown Royal XR in Hawaii last week and paid 226.00 after taxes. Was that a good buy? I also heard the red bottles that were made in Waterloo are pretty hard to come by. I don’t know a lot about any of this I just thought it would be nice to safe for a special occasion.


    • Davin:

      As long as you are happy its a good deal. It’s great whisky so enjoy it and don’t worry about bargain hunting.

  27. Darrell:

    A customer just brought by a 750 Bottle of Crown Royal and the label said from the Waterloo distillery. The bottle is unopened, in the original box, with a small pamplet describing the product. He’s had it over 50 years. Got any idea of the value?

    • Davin:

      $50 to$60. Unfortunately, there is no collector’s market and these older bottles are really quite common.

  28. Ray Abraham:

    Had the opportunity to pick up a bottle in Michigan on vacation. It is far and away the best Canadian whiskey out there! Royal Canadian Small Batch is just about equal to this as far as taste profile. It really blew me away how many different tastes it had going on. So smooth also!
    Dangerous stuff!

    • Mike D:

      I’m looking for unopened bottle of Crown Royal XR RED for sale for my collection. Please let me know if you can give the name of the place you bought your bottle from?


      • Davin:

        I bought it at LCBO in Ottawa.

    • Eric:

      Where in Michigan did you find it? Was it the red bottle?

  29. Loren:

    I have 5 unopened in my collection, bought them over 2 years ago..on 2 of the boxes there is no French anywhere? I presume these were headed for the us? On the plus side I can’t find a bottle of this stuff anywhere, maybe went up a little in value?

  30. Jeff Tillman:

    I’m looking for Crown Royal XR Extra Rare red box. Anyone know where I can buy one?

    • ed juristy:

      I have one bottle in red box make me an offer

  31. Mike:

    I may have a bottle I may part with.

  32. Renee:

    Hello:) where can I buy a bottle if the xr red in the states? Or online?

  33. Jordan:

    I have a few unopened new bottles as well I would consider parting with, make me an offer.

    • Joshua:

      Happen to still have any?

  34. Chris:

    I have a couple bottles as well, make me an offer

  35. I have a couple of bottles for sale as well. I see them going for $600 in some places. Make me an offer though.

    email me here

  36. Joshua:

    I’m also looking to find an unopened box of XR red. If anyone has one they are willing to part with or knows of somewhere I can order one from, it would be much appreciated.

  37. Bob Caron:

    I had been seeing the Blue LaSalle XR in many of the NH liquor stores that I go to and it sells for 130 USD and I have one of those. I just happened to be in the South Nashua NH store today and spotted the red Waterloo XR at the same price so I picked one up. It’s funny that the NH liquor stock list on line doesn’t differentiate whether the XR at any given store is the Red or the Blue but I know where to get the Red now. I love the fresh lumber that Davin speaks about. I think of it as pencil shavings and it’s that same quality that I like about Wiser’s Red Letter. Tomorrow, I will compare those three head to head.

    • Bob Caron:

      Next Day follow-up. Awesome Level 1, XR LaSalle Edition / Awesome Level 2, Wiser’s Legacy / Awesome Level 3, XR Waterloo Edition / Awesome Level 4, 50-50 blend of XR Waterloo and Wiser’s Legacy / Awesome Level 5, Wiser’s Red Letter. Nothing yet can beat Red Letter but the 50-50 blend of XR Waterloo and Legacy sure comes close.

  38. Adrian:

    I have two unopened botxes of extra rare red. Wondering what one box is worth.

    • Bob Caron:

      New Hampshire is selling it for $130.00

      • Joshua:

        Would you happen to know where?

        • Bob Caron:

          The only NH liquor store where I’ve seen the Waterloo edition is at the the Southgate Plaza in South Nashua. You can’t locate the Waterloo from the website because it is considered the same whisky as the LaSalle so you never know which one is in which store.

          • Dawn Hoglan:

            Would anyone be willing to purchase a bottle and ship it to me. I have been searching for my 70 year old father. Willing to buy 2 and you keep one.

    • Wes:

      Hey Adrian

      Just wanted to see if you still had the Crown Royal XR Red? If so, are you willing to sell me a bottle?


  39. i have one bottle left of the crown royal xr red which is of the Waterloo distillery. My email is if anyone is interested.

  40. Andrew Armitage:

    I have an unopened bottle of Waterloo Crown XR and will entertain a reasonable offer. Remember, it is quite collectable as they don’t have any more from the Waterloo distillery!

    • Jon:

      Hey there, do you still have that bottle of xr red forsale, how much do you want for it?

  41. Alaska JohnnyB:

    Great site! Thanks for the insight Davin!
    I have been a faithful CR man for over 30 years. I too have two unopened bottles of XR from the Waterloo distillery. We have enjoyed three bottles so far. Highly recommended for special occasions or cold winter nights. I have just picked up 3 bottles from LaSalle but have yet to crack the seal on one…soon.
    Keep up the great site!

  42. Scott King:

    Have an unopened bottle of “Red” Waterloo Crown XR and will depart with it if a reasonable offer is made. Was going to list it on ebay and kijiji. Bottle located in Nova Scotia.

  43. Jon:

    Looking for an unopened bottle of Xr red if anyone has one they would part with and could ship to Ontario I am willing to pay

    Regards Jon

  44. Jeff Tillman:

    If anyone is interested I have 30 bottles of Crown Royal XR red left . I want 600.00 a bottle. I will take reasonable offers. My email is

  45. Jeff Tillman:

    Johnny the blue XR sucks! I think the SR or the xO Is better then the blue. Don’t wast your money.

  46. Jason:

    I have two bottles of Red XR. If you guys are interested let me know.

    • Joe:

      Jason very interested. Email me at will pay shipping obviously.

    • James:

      I am interested. How much do u want?

  47. Phillip:

    I would like to buy a bottle of this crown royal if anyone has one please email me at I am located in hamilton Ontario but will drive to pick one up thank you

  48. Please let me know as we do have 2 bottles Crown Royal X R
    (Red Box). All in great condition. Can any one make an offer anything above $475.00 USD or best.
    Please note we will not be able to ship due to Florida State Liquors Laws but you may stop at our retail location in
    Florida-USA once we confirm the availability for pick up.
    (Limited- while supply last ).
    Babycham Liquors & Fine Wines
    Hobe Sound

    Web Site:

  49. Linda DeWitt:

    I have 2 bottles of Crown Royal XR red box for sale. Make reasonable offer. E-mail:

  50. Stephanie:

    I have 1 bottle of Crown Royal XR red box for sale. Selling for $350. Serious inquiries only!

    • Wes:

      Hi Stephanie

      I may be interested. Can you please send me your email address?


  51. Wes:

    Anybody living in the Washington DC area who has a bottle of Crown Royal XR Red Box for sale?

    • sherman:

      how much are bottles of xr red currently selling for?

      • Davin:

        Sorry, no idea. There seems to be a market developing for speculators.

  52. Chris:

    There are still bottles in some stores, that are selling for $180.00 a bottle. You just have to do some looking around

  53. I have a sealed bottle of Crown Royal XR with bag and box that I’m looking to sell. Please email me if you are interested! Serious inquiries only!

  54. Mike:

    I have an unopened, sealed, bag and box CR XR red waterloo I will take offers on if anyone is interested.

  55. Mike:

    sorry email is

  56. Travis:

    I have 2 bottles crown royel xr (red bottle waterloo distillery ) in all oreganal package box and slave in portland oregon email me offers

  57. darlene:

    Just wondering if anyone has an unopened bottle/box of the crown royal red for sale for a reasonable price. I am located in the Toronto area. I am looking for my father. Let me know, thanks.

  58. Patrick Torres:

    If anyone is looking to sell a bottle or two of XR red at a reasonable price, email me at with what your asking

  59. Scott King:

    Still have 2 bottles of Crown Royal Red located in Nova Scotia. Interested make an offer.

    • Nash:

      Hey. What are you asking for them?

  60. Ron bledsoe:

    I have 5 unopened red xr. And 4 emptys. Will sell up to 4 of my unopened bottles. Contact me at

  61. I have 3 bottles of Crown Royal XR Whiskey from the WATERLOO DISTILLERY. Contact me with an offer and I might decide to sell.(225)719-0393

    • Frank:

      Is the Crown XR red still available? Thanks

  62. Bob:

    Just bought a bottle of Crown Royal XR Whiskey from a Christmas auction and opened it and it is signed by Andrew MacKay. Are all XR bottles signed?

    • Davin:

      I have several, all UNsigned.

  63. I have two bottles of C.R. XR Red unopened in the box and bag from Waterloo distillery. Make an offer? I love my crown, but I also love Hawaii. I’m in the USA .

    • Frank:

      What is your asking price?

    • skyler grenell:

      If its still available, id offer $250 for the crown xr red. Plus you can add what you need to ship

    • Jake:

      Just wondering if you still had an opened bottle of crown royal XR-Red Waterloo for sale and if so how much are you asking?

  64. What is asking price?

    • Jake:

      If you want to sell bottle of crown royal xr-red waterloo please respond to:

  65. E4Sir:

    Anyone have any crown royal red for sale in ontario for a reasonable price?

  66. Denisha Neal:

    Me and my brother in law have two bottles one XO Crowne Royal nd Cask #16…. I’m selling for 500 obo. Contact me my

  67. Patrick Anderson:

    I have serveral bottles I would like to sell. XR- Red (Waterloo); XR- Blue (LaSalle); Crown Royal Millenium 2000 edition; Crown Royal Limted 1978; Cask 16; Crown Royal Aged 15 years; Crown Royal Black Boi Edition; Crown Royal Reserve (Old Style). Will sell individually or as a lot. Contact me

    • Nick VanWinkle:

      How much are you asking for the xr red.

  68. Nick VanWinkle:

    I am looking for an unopened crown royal xr red (waterloo) for a reasonable price. Seems to be the only one I am missing as far as I know anyways.

    • Rane Dubanevich:

      Hi. I have a bottle of XR Red Waterloo edition I would like to sell. It is complete with bag, box and sleeve. Sealed and unopened. If interested please contact me at

      • Rane Dubanevich:

        If anyone is interested in purchasing a bottle of Waterloo sealed, unopened, complete with box bag and sleeve all in excellent condition pleases email me with an offer. All reasonable offers will be considered.

        • Frank:

          What are you asking for the bottle of XR red?

  69. Marcus Slade:

    Still have a bottle?

  70. k Kennedy:

    I have a collection. Includes 4 bottles (750) of Limited Edition / 1 (750) Standard CR/ 1 (750) std with stocking /1 (1.5) std/ 1 (1.5) std with flask / 1 (1.5)std with 2 glasses / 1 (750) black / 1 (750) black with 2 glasses / 1 (750) maple / 1 (750) reserve / 1 (750) special reserve / 1 (750) cask 16 / and 1 (750) xr (waterloo/red)
    These were a display I was collecting for an ex. They need to go! Will separate. Email

    • k Kennedy:

      Oh in the US.

      • Mike:

        Did you sell your collection yet?

  71. I have unopened bottles of red and last of waterloos xr in box I may part with

    • Frank:


    • Frank:

      Do You still have the XR for sale?

  72. Frank:

    I am looking to buy a unopened bottle of Crown Royal XR Red box complete as it cam from the factory, if you have one for sale please contact me with your price, thanks

  73. I got the xr red all o.g dtill in plastic in box .will depart if price is right.e.mail me I got different bottles of to kill ya as well not sold in us.

  74. MARK:

    Does anyone have any crown royal red for sale in Ontario? Please email me at

    Also.. I have a bottle of the hand selected barrel 103 proof if anyone wants to make an offer or a trade.

    • Bill:

      I have a bottle of Crown Royal Extra Rare(RED). I am in Kitchener area. Mint with box and bag. asking price is $400CAN o.b.o.

      • Mark Bradford:

        HI Bill. Please email me to discuss.

    • MARK:

      Bill. I am interested. Please email me.

  75. Bill:

    I have a bottle of Crown Royal XR (red) still in box and bottle is sealed. I am located in Ontario. Make an offer.

  76. Joe:

    Anyone willing to part ways with an unopened bottle e-mail me. Have to ship to New Jersey though.

  77. Brad:

    I have an unopened bottle of crown royal xr red for sale. $400 plus shipping takes it.
    Email me
    I’m located in Wisconsin

  78. Mark:

    Anyone with a bottle in ontario or in vegas(I can pick up while on vacation)? Please email me

  79. Mike:

    I have a red XR unopened waterloo. Located in Ottawa, On.

  80. rb:

    anybody have any crown red in Houston shoot me an email at with a price …thanks

  81. Melissa:

    Two boxes Crown Royal Xr Red; un-opened with bag, box, and one has a paper sleeve. Located near Portland, OR. $400 each- you pay shipping.

  82. Gilbert S:

    I have 1 unopened bottle od CR Xr red I’m willing to part with for $400. I’m in the kansas city area. Thanks

  83. Hank:

    I have an unopened 12 bottle case of RED XR make offer.

  84. craig:

    I have a case of Crown royal XR red for sale if interested

  85. Kyle:

    I have Crown XR Red available as well- at a much better deal than the above prices.

  86. Jay:

    Hey guys, I’m in the market to buy crown xr red and cask no. 16, so please email me at, thank you

  87. craig:

    I started bringing back cr xr red when i went to the us and i have 22 bottles

    • Davin:

      Wow, that; more than 15 litres of the really great stuff!. Retirement dramming project, methinks! ;-)

  88. Joseph Addis:

    I have an unopened bottle of Last Batch Crown Royal xr red for sale. Waterloo$400 plus shipping takes it.
    Email me
    I’m located in Maryland near either Del, Va, Pa, NL

  89. kirk:

    I have four xr red left make me an offer.

    • kirk:

      • kirk:

        im down to one left

        • Joshua:

          Do you still happen to have a bottle of XR red?

        • Sandra:

          Does anyone have an unopened bottle of crown royal XR red?
          I am located in Ontario but wiling to travel! It is for a Christmas present. I’ve been searching for 2 years now. Please email me

  90. Ron:

    What is the difference between XR Red and XR Blue? and is the XR Blue still be made?

    • Davin:

      Red had whisky from Waterloo distillery in it. Blue has whisky from Lasalle distillery in it. Blue is still available.

  91. Joshua:

    If anyone has an unopened bottle of Crown Royal XR Red that they would be willing to part with, shoot me an e-mail and we can talk prices.

    • Joshua:

      Located in Nebraska

  92. Does anyone have any crown red for sale In southern oregon?

  93. Frank:

    Looking for an unopened bottle of XR red anyone have any for sale?

    • Kyle:

      Shoot me an email Frank-

    • Kyle:

      Shoot me an email Frank-
      email address is in above comment

      • Mike:

        I have 10 bottles of Red XR unopened in original containers for sale.

        • Keith:

          How much for a bottle?

  94. Krista:

    Looking for An unopened bottle of crown royal extra rare red. I am in Ontario Canada. Please email me with your asking price. Thanks

  95. John:

    How much for XR Waterloo $ ?

  96. Andy:

    I’m looking for a bottle of crown royal 15 years old anyone have a bottle that they would sell that is in Ontario Canada ?

  97. Ronnie:

    I have an unopened bottle of Crown Royal XR Red and a sealed Crown Royal Cask #16. $650 obo. Located in Ga.

  98. Mark Bradford:

    I am looking to purchase a bottle of crown Royal xr red. I am in Ontario, Canada. Please email me your asking price.

  99. Skyler:

    Looking for any amount available of XR Red unopened bottles. Willing to pay up to $400 per bottle. Message me if available please.

    • Kyle:

      I have 2 XR Red if you’re interested- let me know

      • Anthony:

        Do you still have the Crown Royal XR Red (Waterloo) for sale? If so I’m interested.

    • Joe:

      Email me have xr red

  100. Aaron:

    I have 16 bottles of original Crown Royal XR Red Box sealed unopened. Of the 16 bottles 12 are in factory sealed cases. All of which is for sale. I will not sell them cheep. Make me an offer.

    • Brian Kessler:

      What do you want for a bottle

    • Steve:

      Do you still have any of the Crown Royal XR Red Box left?

    • Kevin Smith:

      Do u still have any crown royal xr red box for sale?

  101. lou:

    looking for unopened crown xr red (waterloo) must be sealed and have all containers box,bag etc.
    factory sealed please..

  102. Glenn:

    What is your asking price for a bottle?

  103. Kevin Smith:

    Looking for crown royal xr red box

  104. craig:

    I have 2 bottles of XR CROWN Royal in the red box…willing to ship from Canada

    • Heath Lahr:

      Interested in both bottles contact me and we can work out the details


  105. Kevin:

    I’m intrested in xr red email me at

  106. T.C.:

    Very interested in the Crown XR RED with box, bag, and factory sealed! Please contact me if this is something I can purchase.


  107. Steve:

    I am looking for a bottle of Crown Royal XR in the red box. If anyone knows of some available please email me at Thanks

  108. Joe:

    Xr red new sealed 525 shipped email me

  109. David:

    I need a couple Cask 16. All sizes. And I need 2 limited in Box that has king on it. I’m in Ohio. Thank you.

  110. Vince:

    Crown XR (Red) sealed for sale. 500.00 shipped. email me at

  111. Jacob Atwood:

    I have a sealed unopened bottle of Crown Royal red XR in box and sleeve for sale. $400 email me at

  112. Dennis:

    Un-opened bottle of Crown Royal XR Red box. Box, bag and bottle in pristine condition. Make me an offer.

  113. Subir:

    I have 2 bottles of Crown Royal XR Waterloo in perfect condition and sealed. Make me an offer and we can make a deal.

  114. Johnny:

    I a bottle of Crown Royal X-R (red) Unopened, in box with bag.
    Seeing if there is any interest
    If so E mail me with offer. Thanks

  115. Sandra:

    Hello, I am located in Ontario, Canada & I am interested in purchasing X-R RED & X-R BLUE.

    Please email me if you have either!

    Willing to pick up within Ontario.


  116. Ross:

    Hi i am in Australia if anyone has any bottles of Red XR here or willing to ship please email me on

  117. Jamie morales:

    I have a seals bottle of xr red Waterloo still in the box. I want to open it and take a drink but before I do I need help in determining its value. If someone knows please email I’m assuming it bare min 1000.00 I would like to know if it’s more valuable than 1000.00

  118. I have 2 sealed bottles of XR Red from the Waterloo distillery. I have been hanging on to them for 7 year’s. My husband needs a kidney transplant and I must sell. They are in Box, bag and sealed. I will take $800. Each. I am in the Las Vegas area
    Email any

  119. Andrew Haas:

    I have a bottle of Crown Royal XR Red (Waterloo) in my collection. The bottle’s factory seal is unbroken and it sits comfortably in the red velvet satchel nestled in the satin-lined box in which it came. The box even has the original card-stock paper sleeve (although there is a tear in the paper.
    I would really like to trade this exceptional Canadian Whiskey for an equally impressive Scotch. Please feel free to email offers to me at I am located in Minneapolis, MN.

  120. I have a bottle of Crown Royal XR red ( Waterloo) number AE 3465 for $800.00 or best offer. You can contact me at

  121. Eric:

    I’m from London Ontario looking for an unopened bottle of cr cask 16 and cr xr red. Please email thanks so much !

  122. Ruacna Sigaba:

    Have an unopened case, XR Red, bought in 2010 in Salinas, Kansas for $840. Stored in a Pelican hard case for ten years. Willing to pass on to a collector for a small donation, $4200. Contact via Google search for alias Ruacna Sigaba.

    • Brad:

      Interested if this is still available?

  123. SergioH:

    This product is really good but i found it much cheaper here:

  124. Michael:

    Hi I am in Texas. If anyone has any bottles of Red XR here or willing to ship please email me on

  125. Mike O.:

    I have 10 sealed and unopened bottles of XR Red Waterloo in pristine red cases for 5500.00 plus shipping. email for serious inquiries.

  126. Charles Dixon:

    I have 2 bottles of Crown Royal XR Waterloo in perfect condition and sealed. Make me an offer and we can make a deal.

    • Heath:

      Still available?

  127. Pete Anderson:

    I have one bottle of Crown Royal XR Waterloo (Red) for $500 or Best Offer

    • Brad:

      Email me at, if this is still available I’d like to make an offer.

  128. J.A.:

    One bottle of Crown Royal XR Waterloo (Red Label) for sale. Located in NE Alabama between B’ham and ATL.

    $575 obo. Will not ship but can meet up to one hour from my location.

    Email me at

  129. Craig:

    I have a Bottle of XR ,If your in Canada and interested.

    • Jason:

      Do you still have this

      • Craig:

        Yes it is still available

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