Canadian Club Dock No. 57 (40% alc/vol)

March 15, 2012


Whisky purists need read no further. This review introduces the latest entry in the flavoured whisky category. Actually, it was the rum guys who started the flavoured spirit trend and spiced rum now makes up about 30% of rum sales. It’s pretty hard to argue with Captain Morgan and Sailor Jerry so in the past couple of years various distillers have begun to introduce flavoured whisky as well.

Now before we get our shirts in knots, let’s not forget that they are still making the whisky we all love.  They are simply expanding their ranges to include fruit flavoured whiskies such as Red Stag bourbon and spiced whiskies such as Dock No. 57 from Canadian Club. Oh, and there’s a fruit flavoured Canadian Club as well – blackberry flavour to be exact – but it’s limited to the U.S. for now, though rumour has it coming soon to Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

The revival of the cocktail culture has seen more and more whisky appearing on more and more bars. Flavour is what mixologists are seeking – that magic combination that fills the bar with happy revelers. So why not start right in the bottle with the addition of complementary flavours that let busy bartenders keep it simple? Canadian Club is known for its versatility, smoothness and mixability; what better place to start?

Canadian Club is not the first Canadian whisky maker to release spiced whisky. Highwood has their lip-smacking White Owl Spiced, and of course Revel Stoke morphed into a subculture more than a decade ago. Dock No. 57, however, brings something new to the category.  First of all, it’s more subtle than the others. Made with the same spirit that has been going into Canadian Club since 1858, it maintains its strong rye character then augments it with the addition of just a smidgen of vanilla spice. The judicious infusion of spice bolsters notes of cinnamon, caramel, vanilla, pepper, and aged oak found in the traditional CC.

Dock No. 57 was inspired by the historic shipping dock where Canadian Club export manager, Bill “The Real” McCoy, shipped the CC whisky that quenched the thirst of our American neighbours during Prohibition.

CC Brand Ambassador, Tish Harcus explains: “The dock was built in 1858, when Hiram Walker opened the distillery, and was known as the Walkerville Dock.  In 1921, one year into Prohibition, the Federal Government of Canada established a series of Customs and Excise ports across Canada (in order to control all the spirits that were being shipped into the USA).  The Walkerville Dock was given the number 57E, also known as Dock 57, and yes, that is where the boats would be loaded with cases during Prohibition. In the early 1950’s the grain silos were built and the dock is no longer used.”

Let’s not forget that making whisky was entirely legal in Canada during Prohibition days, as was selling it and loading it into boats moored in Canadian waters. With the strong reputation it already enjoyed in the U.S. and its distillery located right on the border, Canadian Club was a strong favourite with rum runners. One has to wonder what Al Capone, the Purple Gang, and other clandestine yachtsmen would think if they knew that their dock – Dock No. 57E – now has a namesake that brazenly trumpets their once-secret cargo.

Nose: Rye spices and all the old familiar Canadian Club whisky smells. Black fruit, then licorice cigars and vague hints of vanilla but this is clearly Canadian whisky. Suggestions of citrus fruit underlie a surprisingly well balanced potation. This is no one-dimensional concoction, but rather the first spiced whisky that still puts the whisky aromas out front. The nose shows fewer toffee notes than the standard CC Premium 6 year old and develops some elements of artist’s canvas after a few minutes in the glass.

Palate: Sweet, very spicy, and peppery with slight hints of pulling oak. Full bodied but with a feeling of citrus pith though not a lot of citrus notes. Hot cinnamon hearts and hints of vanilla with more toffee than on the nose along with suggestions of sour rye. The blenders have managed to resist the urge to overdo the spices so it retains a pleasant whisky flavour, that with the added sweetness strays vaguely into liqueur territory. The nose is more complex than the palate.

Finish: Short to medium with pepper, hints of white grapefruit, and a nice warming glow.

Empty Glass: Dry grain, clean oak.

The square bottle departs from the traditional round Canadian Club livery offering a fresh look for a whisky tailored for today’s mixed drinks, but honestly, it’s an enjoyable toast straight up, and smooth enough for winceless shooters.

$25.95 at LCBO.

Dock 57 Blackberry is reviewed here.

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CC Dock 57 spiced Canadian whisky


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  1. Darko Vusir:

    I’m goin’ to the store.This sounds like a really enjoyable deck drink.

    • Davin:


  2. Great review and write-up Davin. I’m going to keep an eye out for this one.


    • Davin:

      Thanks Chip.

  3. JWS:

    As I am sipping my way through the CC line, having just bought a fifth of CC Classic 12-Year after having it on St. Pat’s, I shall definitely keep my eyes open for THIS one. I still need to try the Reserve 10-Year-Old as well.

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    Note from editor: good shots here of Casie Stewart’s fun tour of the CC Brand Centre

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  6. Peter T:

    I British live in London ex-forces been drinking C.C for 40 years have various bottles of C.C including the boxed 30 year old anniversary bottle.
    But what I would like to know will Dock No 57 be arriving in the UK at any time? PS I have the t-shirts already

    • Davin:

      Hi Peter, Sorry, I just don’t know. I hope so. The spiced version is very tasty.

      • Peter T:

        Thanks for the reply Davin I hope it does come here. Peter

  7. jay:

    Ive had this whiskey a few times and I just bought another bottle. In my humble opinion it is AWESOME! I have always preferred whiskey/bourbon mixed with water and CC Blackberry is perfect for that. Although it is a sweeter whiskey it is very good.

  8. Peter T:

    Hi Jay

    Can u send me a bottle of two so I can try? LOL


  9. bob:

    tried the nippers thay are excellent need to buy a bigger jug

  10. cc&g:

    My new favourite drink.
    Smooth like normal CC but it’s 40% ;)

  11. JR:

    I’m trying to deal with this whiskey since I’m usually down with Canadian Club, but the sweetness is overwhelming. I feel like I oughta be drizzling it on a pancake :(


    wish dock 57 blackberry came in 40 oz bottles

  13. Joe:

    When is Dock 57 Spice coming to Michigan?

    • Davin:

      Sorry, no idea. I write about whisky but I do not make or sell it.

  14. Thom:

    This Blackberry Whiskey is one of my favorites. Very smooth and easy to drink. Wonderful flavor profile. I agree with Kevin Dugruin, it should also come in a 40oz bottle.

    • Larry Scheer:

      I’m curious how Dock 57 compares in flavour with the Blackberry Whisky (which is still only available in the USA from what I understand).

  15. Gisele:

    Unfortunately, the LCBO has delisted Dock 57. That was the only Rye I could drink without getting a headache.

    • jojo:

      What do you mean delisted?
      This is my FAVORITE drink! I’m now having a hard time finding it

      • Larry Scheer:

        I inquired about a year ago through the Hiram Walker web site. And they told me is that it’s still available but you have to buy it by the case through the LCBO (assuming you’re in Ontario, Canada). Go to for ordering.

  16. Jan White:

    When are you going to put Dock 57 back on the market. We really miss it. Its the perfect drink for after dinner. Not to sweet, just right. Thankyou.

  17. Farrid:

    Please bring it back. Just cause you didn’t advertise it properly doesn’t mean it isn’t worth making. Try it again and let everyone know. This time!

  18. Our local Liq Corp has a big 4 day sale on through the weekend. There’s a large quantity of the CC Dock 57 spiced whiskey on the shelves. Thought I’d buy one and try it. Other than water an suggestions on a nice mix? tks?

    • Larry Scheer:

      I always enjoyed it with Coke or simply “on the rocks”. (The LCBO here doesn’t stock it any more though.)

  19. Josée:

    Bonjour, est-ce que le dock 57 Spice se fait encore et où le trouver au Québec.


    • Davin:

      Malhereusement pas.

  20. Robert A. Hoffman:

    Do you still make and sell dock 57 in the US I was told no and can’t seem to find it it’s my favorite whiskey

  21. Robert A. Hoffman:

    Do u still sell Dock 57 on the U.S.?

  22. Tracey:

    Doc 57 is my favorite. Please please bring it back on US market in ALb

  23. Bob Harden:

    Please bring Dock 57 back to market and do some advertising. It’s a great product that never got into the mainstream.

  24. Chip Whitfield:

    I have held on to a bottle of this stuff since I found out it was being discontinued, bought out the lot at a market nearby, 7 bottles is what they had, now down to one and don’t have the heart to open it yet, please bring it back this was some good whiskey

  25. Rob:

    Please bring this back or at least tell me where I can buy the last bottles from. You needed to advertise this one more

  26. Kem:

    Manitoba Liquor Marts have Dock 57 in stores in Manitoba, Canada,

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