JP Wisers 35 Year Old – 50% abv

August 28, 2017


Sweet flowers and heady green fruits, barrel tones, unlit cigar, sweet grain, soft and sweet then brisk and glowing on the tongue. A basket of fall fruits and a glowing spicy mouthfeel. Peppery going down with hints of hay and green grass. Soft waxy finish. ★★★★★

The longest-aged whisky Wiser’s has ever released and it is truly a stunning beauty. High abv corn spirit distilled more than 35 years ago has sat gently maturing in well-used ex-bourbon barrels and the result is as you would expect.

The blend also includes just under 10% of column and pot distilled rye aged in virgin oak barrels. Loaded with high esters – fruits and flowers – with clean crisp barrel notes that support without intruding on a palate that is remarkably complex even for whisky this old.

Buttery, almost creamy on the palate, it never loses its brisk peppery edge. After a cornucopia of fall fruit and lush summer hay it settles into a peppery but waxy long and vaguely sweet finish. Several minutes after sipping it, your mouth is still telling you that you have experienced the dram to hold all others up to.

Making whisky from just one type of spirit requires great blending skills. Not every barrel will age the same and Don Livermore and his team at Hiram Walker distillery have done a remarkable job in creating this tightly balanced blend.  Oh this is good stuff, possibly the best whisky you have ever tasted.

This is one of four Rare Releases for 2017 in the Northern Border Collection.

★★★★★ Very highly recommended. Do not miss this one – it will sell out quickly.

$164.95 at LCBO. Price subject to verificationwhen it is released in October 2017.


15 Responses to “JP Wisers 35 Year Old – 50% abv”

  1. Maryse:

    Hi Davin,

    do you know if this will be available in Québec or just at the LCBO?

    Thank you!

    • Davin:

      I do not know if SAQ bought any. It is available across Canada if the liquor boards want it.

  2. wow, I can’t wait for this one. Davin, do you have an exact date in October? if not, can you announce it on this site when/if you find out?

  3. Mark:

    Is there an age statement on the flavouring whisky component?

    • Davin:

      The whisky is at least 35 years old. They don’t break it down by component.

  4. Can’t wait to get my samples of this to review. So happy they went with 50% on this one. Super pumped to try it. Great review Davin.

  5. Toronto Tim:

    OMG ! how our CAD whiskies have exploded !

    • Toronto Tim:

      … and what a way to celebrate CANADA 150 ! !

  6. Toronto Tim:

    165$ is a bit too steep, may be ? considering Alberta Premium 30 yo was 50$ … perhaps 100 $/W35 is more reasonable … just guessing

    • Davin:

      My guess is that it will sell out quickly. It is worth every penny. Alberta Premium 30 was WAY underpriced.

  7. Toronto Tim:

    Hi DK, i wonder if u have any insight to CC40 – Canadian Club 40 years old 45%abv … for Ocotber release in Ontario

    • Toronto Tim:

      (( Page 63 of LCBO Food & Drink Autumn 2017 ))

    • Davin:

      It is awesome. I will post a review here on Sept 27.

  8. [...] J.P. Wiser’s 35 Year Old is one of the oldest Canadian Whiskies ever produced. It represents a traditional blended rye whisky that has experienced the harsh Canadian winters and warm summers over 35 years in our ageing warehouse.” 750ml bottle priced at $164.95. [...]

  9. YYC Doug:

    It just arrived in AB yesterday. Very tasty and complex for an old corn blend.

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