Highwood Canadian Maple Whisky

Highwood Canadian Maple Whisky 22% alc/vol

September 10, 2012


Pure, unadulterated maple syrup with all its lovely, earthy, creamy, woody tones and a murmured mention of Canadian rye.

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Canada? Free health care (it’s not)? Beavers? Rocky Mountains? The easy answer is maple syrup. For whisky lovers, the correct answer is maple whisky. Whisky and maple syrup are both imbued with abundant quantities of similar congeners – the chemicals that give them their characteristic flavours. So it’s only natural that someone would think to blend the two together.

Highwood Distillers in High River, Alberta, is often on the leading edge of innovation. It’s a relatively small and independently owned distillery, without layer upon layer of approval authorities. Drawing on their stocks of well-matured whiskies, the team at Highwood can turn an idea into a bottled product in a matter of months. Its White Owl Whisky has taken Western Canada by storm. And now it has a sleeper in its maple whisky. Packaged in a bottle that is shaped like a maple leaf, it’s a sure thing with travelers and airport shoppers looking to take a wee bit of Canada home with them. Available in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and some duty free shops.

Nose: Typical Canadian-whisky toffee with butterscotch, hints of clean oak, and vague whisky spices – cinnamon and ginger.

Palate: Sweet but not cloying with all the mouth-filling richness of Canadian maple syrup. Those lovely herbal maple syrup tones simply surge to the fore, boosted by subtle pepper which in turn is tempered by a milky creaminess. This is very much maple whisky, redolent with scorched maple taffy in the snow, vanilla fudge, and the burnt nuttiness of charred roasted chestnuts.

Finish: The maple lingers as do the herbal notes while the pepper slowly increases though never enough to intrude.

Empty Glass: Pure, unadulterated maple syrup with all its earthy, herbal, creamy, woody tones.

Suggested retail is $29.95

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13 Responses to “Highwood Canadian Maple Whisky 22% alc/vol”

  1. Nabil:


    This reminds me of another product that has been on the market for some time in Quebec…Sortilege…what would be the difference between the two?

  2. Orrie:

    Where can I buy your maple whiskey in Calgary?

    • Davin:

      I don’t make whisky, I just write about it. I’m from Ottawa but saw this whisky today in the Calgary airport.

  3. Jigisha Naidu:

    I wish to carry home to India the HIGHWOOD CANADIAN MAPLE WHISKY which is available in beautiful maple leaf shape bottle. I am in New Brunswick – St Johns & Moncton for a couple of days. I shall be grateful if you could let me know the points of availability of the desired aforesaid maple syrup whisky. Pls revert at the earliest as I would be leaving Canada in a week’s time.. Need to buy one or two bottles to take to India as a memoir..

    • Davin:

      Your best bet is to check the local liquor stores. I don’t know exactly where to get it in New Brunswick. It may not be available there. If not, possibly it will be in duty free at the airport you leave Canada from. Good luck!

  4. wayne:

    Greetings. What is the best quality canadian maple whiskey on the market?

  5. laura:

    Hi i am trying to find this everywhere! is there anywhere near or in ottawa that sells this please?

    • Davin:

      In Ottawa LCBO is the only retailer. If they don’t have it then you will not be able to buy it unless SAQ has it in Hull.

  6. Pat:

    as I can see, this entry is a few years old…
    But I’d like to ask if it’s still possible to buy this Canadian Maple Whisky via this website?
    If yes, which price and which forwarding expenses?
    Thanks a lot in advance and Kind regards,

    • Davin:

      No, I do not sell whisky. It is in liquor stores in Alberta and probably other places as well. Good luck.

  7. Charmaine:

    Someone bought me some of this and I’m wondering how I go about getting some sent to Australia. Any ideas please

    • Davin:

      Shipping whisky is not permitted in Canada so there are no businesses that do this.

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