Gooderham & Worts (44.4%)

September 23, 2015


Delicate floral tones, clean, crisp oak, dry grain, and pithy citrus notes. Tightly integrated and very complex. ★★★★★

Gooderham and Worts Canadian Whisky

Are we living in a golden age for Canadian whisky? To taste the latest from Corby Distillers you would certainly think so. Gooderham & Worts four grain blend is the third outstanding whisky in their Whisky Guild series. Add these to two new Fall releases from Wiser’s along with the rest of the Wiser’s range and it’s hard to know where to start tasting.

What absolutely gorgeous whisky this is. The first whiff is like a bouquet of pansies – rich and delicately floral. Behind that sit red cedar and crispy barrel notes. Slowly, some dark fruits and mild sugars move to the fore. It’s an ever-evolving and highly complex nose, and a whole lot of fun before you even taste the whisky. Finally it settles on a triple-beam balance of fruit, sweet flowers and a touch of oak.

Spicy, peppery, and beautifully pulling on first sip, once again the floral notes jump out at you. With dry dusty grain, sweet fruit, and pithy orange peel there is just enough sweetness to hold everything together without the rush of caramel so often found in whisky that has spent time in new barrels. Using four grains – corn, rye, wheat and barley - has given Gooderham & Worts a broad range of cereal flavours. The whisky feels lush in your mouth and is simply jam-packed with flavour. So complex, yet so tightly integrated, it is difficult to tease all the separate elements apart.

A long, peppery finish shows overtones of unmalted barley, dry orange peels, pleasingly bitter oak tannins and dark fruits.

Clearly a superior whisky for the well-tempered palate.

Very highly recommended. ★★★★★

$44.95 at LCBO


34 Responses to “Gooderham & Worts (44.4%)”

  1. I was wondering when they were going to come out with this – surprised it took them so long! We’ve been waiting.

    Now all they need to do is actually have some distilling history tribute in the distillery district in Toronto…

  2. Toronto Tim:

    OH lala ! yes, we are in a renaissance of Canadian Whiskies of sort…. and dont forget the NEW 12yo HOOD RIVER 1910 Canadian RYE ! ! !

    • Whats new about it besides the obvious fact that it doenst say Pendleton on it anymore? Serious question, I have no idea.

  3. Ivo:

    Went looking for this at LCBO and could not find it. Any ideas ?

    • Davin:

      It’s working its way through the system.

      • Eric:

        Found some in Oshawa Ivo.

  4. Jonathan:

    Is this distilled in Windsor?

    • Davin:

      Yes, at the Hiram Walker distillery.

  5. Peter:

    Absolutely delicious. Love at first sip.

  6. Eric:

    WOW!!! My Goodness. Sipping on it some right, delicious and dry. Great amount of rye, Spicy and citrus dry.

  7. Hank:

    Do you happen to know if this re-issue historically informed — as in, is it like Wiser’s “legacy” – using original recipes / methods — or is it more of a branding of a contemporary approach?


    • Davin:

      It is informed by the old recipes – they refer regularly to the original recipe book – but to say it is identical would require some research and I am swamped right now.

  8. Mike:

    Got a bottle last night. Amazing stuff, every bit as good as you promised. Stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Lot No. 40.

  9. sheila (of gooderham lineage!):

    I live in Vancouver, BC and was wondering where I might find some of the new G&W whiskey… any thoughts?

    • Davin:

      Hi Sheila. Have we corresponded some years back? The new G&W has to be coming to BC. And it is phenomenally good whisky.

    • Cheryl:

      Hi Sheila, did you find any?? Funny finding you here – I am looking for a bottle for Jon for Christmas after he tried it at Geoff and Esther’s! If you haven’t found any yet I can ask him to bring some from Ontario to here!! :)

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  11. Paul:

    Hi all

    I have been looking for a bottle in the Vancouver area with no luck. Anyone find a source out west?

    Thanks for the great review’s Davin.


    • Paul McMillan:

      BC Liquor store just listed it. I picked up a bottle minutes ago. cheers tonight!

  12. I have in my possession one bottle of batch #A-080755 33 1/3
    imp.oz of Canadian Centennial Whiskey aged 15 yrs and bottled in the year 1952 Would anybody be interested in the product?

    • Davin:

      Distilled in 1952, bottled in 1967. This is one of my favourite whiskies of all time and I have several bottles in reserve. Good luck. Probably worth about $100, maybe a bit more.

    • Jeff P:

      I’d definitely be interested in that bottle if it’s still available

    • Brigitta Theimer:

      Hi Dennis,

      I would be interested in the bottle of
      whisky for sure for a friend.

      best regards,

  13. Colby:

    Where can I buy this whiskey in Vancouver?

    • Davin:

      I am not sure it is available there yet.

  14. chez:

    I have a bottle that has the seal that reads 1952. Its a glass bottle and the bottom reads 44442 ontario canada. What is it i have. Seals on. But all the paper has fame off the glass bottle that had a name that started with the letter c. If you know. Call me us. 313-778-0725

    • Davin:

      Sorry, no idea.

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  16. Irwin Fletcher:

    This is now in the BC LDB stores. Check the website, appears to be a fairly limited supply.

  17. Tony Cronin:

    Just got a bottle for Father’s day. Excellent whisky . Smooth nice flavor. Will be getting more.

    • Davin:

      Sounds like somebody who loves you knows their whisky. Happy Father’s Day.

  18. Bob Dodge:

    Gooderham & Worts Four grain Whisky is truly an outstanding product,,,, a world beater. This exceptional whisky has simply got to be the bargain of the year.

    I had a single bottle in my collection,,, cracked it open,, and WoW!!! Beautiful nose,,,, creamy smooth, perfectly balanced blend of exploding flavours, with a beautiful finish that’ll call you back for “just a wee bit more,please”.

    Simply put, this is my current favourite among Canadian Whiskys. LCBO just had a sale on this Whisky, and I picked up 3 more bottles at my local store.(same batch as the first,,A.A1129). As I write this, I’m ordering 6 more bottles online. EXCELLENT Whisky,,, and VERY HIGHLY recommended.

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