Crown Royal X.O.

June 19, 2014


A rich, luxurious, full-bodied sipping whisky, loaded with fresh red cedar, armchair leather and sweet moist pipe tobacco. Caramac bars and ripe strawberries slide softly into ripe red apples. An earthy quality in over-ripe black fruit and dusty sandalwood is slowly pierced by hints of pulling barrel notes and bitter almond skins. Hot spices in the ginger white pepper range balance a creamy sweetness on the palate. ★★★★★

This new addition to the Crown Royal line-up is clearly aimed at the US market where smoothness and creamy richness is so prized. Like Cask No. 16, which it replaces, X.O. was finished in Cognac casks from the French Limousin Forest. While Cask 16 was crisply fruity, X.O. is much smoother and creamier. Both are wonderfully flavourful whiskies.

Crown Royal X.O. is another creation of master blender Andrew MacKay and combines more than 50 whiskies from the Crown Royal distillery in Gimli,Manitoba.

750 mL 80 proof, 40% Alcohol by Volume (ABV) $49.99 (750mL)

Nose: heavy, dusky fruit, fresh ripe red apples, hints of barrel oak, Fall fruits, heavy and almost unctuous,

Palate: Syrupy, creamy smooth, fruity, sweet and grainy, feels like a hot licorice cough drop, hints of burnt toffee, hints of old leather chairs, candied citrus fruit peel, bitter almond skins, and hints of oak. Lots of sizzling gingery spice and white pepper. The heavy creamy weight defines it.

Finish: Long, tingling with lingering hints of almond skins and dried fruit.

Empty Glass: clean dry wood,

Very Highly Recommended. ★★★★★

Crown Royal XO Canadian Whisky


13 Responses to “Crown Royal X.O.”

  1. wow, I would love to try this.

  2. Tom Alexander:

    Davin, do we know if/when this will get to the LCBO?

    • Davin:

      Not sure they have any plans to release this in Canada. Bummer.

  3. Greg:

    How would you compare this to Crown Royal Reserve?

    • Davin:

      Fruitier and slipprrier in the mouth. Both are good.

  4. Rob:

    Tastes like a smoother , less peppery version of Crown Cask 16.

  5. i had my brother bring me one of these from the US. any idea how long they whiskies have been aged?

  6. Henry:

    To my fellow Canadians –

    I do believe I saw this whisky in Canada at the duty free liquor store in the Calgary airport. Should have checked the review on my phone … perhaps it is in other airport locations … ?

  7. Dave:

    is the XO the same as the Limited Edition sold in Canada? their bottles look the same. Or, are they 2 different tastes?

    • Davin:

      These are two different whiskies with different flavours.

  8. Just wanted to chime in to say it seems to have just landed out here in BC in a few stores.

    Curious to try it – and happy to see it as people have regularly been inquiring about the Cask 16 since its departure.

    Might I add also the price is quite reasonable here at under $60. Not sure if it’ll beat that Northern Harvest on bang for the buck value – but I’d be happy if it did.

  9. Toronto Tim:

    LCBO has it now in late Nov 2015 – 65$CAD

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