Canadian Club 40 Year Old

September 26, 2017


Dark fruits, butter tarts, baking spices and ripe fall fruit in a complex, elegant whisky, warmed by the glow of real black pepper. Silky, rich, mouthfilling and beautifully balanced.

The year 1858 was a long time ago. Canada wasn’t even a nation when Hiram Walker began making whisky just outside Windsor, Ontario. Walker had been a grain dealer in Detroit, and while most Canadian distillers were mashing wheat, he preferred a blend of corn and rye. That is the same blend of grains used to make Canadian Club today, just as it was in 1977 when this 40-year-old beauty was distilled. Oh, it is gorgeous whisky. One of the finest I have ever tasted, anywhere.

The Canadian Club trademark dark fruits announce an elegant, beautifully balanced whisky with tremendous complexity and breadth of flavour. Hints of butter tarts, gentle cloves, nutmeg and other baking spices, and ripe purple plums are interlaced with the warming glow of real black pepper. After 40 years in barrels, the most refined oaky tones bring silky structure to the whisky, while avoiding the woodiness so common in long-aged whisky. Black pepper notes remain brisk and invigorating yet carefully constrained, from the middle right into the long elegant finish.

CC40 is a masterful achievement and a real tribute to the Canadian whisky style. Canadian Club: you’ve knocked it out of the park.

$250 across Canada only.

Very highly recommended. ★★★★★


213 Responses to “Canadian Club 40 Year Old”

  1. Probably the nicest bottle used for a Canadian whisky ever.

  2. Vicki Irvine:

    Would like to purchase this bottle. Where and when will it be available. I live in Regina, Saskatchewan. Will it be available for purchase at any of our liquor boards? Need to know ASAP.

    • Davin:

      Yes, it should be in all provinces by mid-October.

  3. Toronto Tim:

    Alongside Wisers-35, Collingwood-2xBarrel, CC40 is a must have – oh yeah, and those Lot 40 Cask Strength too, … Great review, thx. Decent price, tho’ I had hoped for 200 $CAD …

  4. is this the same whisky as the 30yo, just left in the barrel for another 10 years?

    • Davin:

      No, it is an entirely new batch.

  5. Chris:

    When will we know the exact date it will be available in stores?

    • Davin:

      It will be mid-October. The actual date depends on how long the stores wait to order it and put it out.

  6. (Fingers Crossed!) Forget the socks and the neckties, this one is going on my Christmas List.

    Thanks for the heads up regarding the imminent release. I just told Mrs. Claus.

  7. Maureen McQuire:

    I would like to purchase 2 bottles

  8. Maureen McQuire:

    How can I purchase 2 bottles

    • Davin:

      Visit any Canadian liquor store, once it is released later this month.

  9. Joe Coltson:

    Davin, any idea if this will be a limited release? Or is this a permanent addition to CC’s rotation?

    • Davin:

      Yes, a one-time limited release. Get it while you can.

  10. John velocci: says its sold out. Did they already get it and sell out that quickly?

    • Davin:

      No. They haven’t got it yet,

  11. Keith Archer:

    Will the C.C. 40 yr old be at the lcbo pop up after thanksgiving.
    Thanks K. A.

    • Davin:

      You would have to ask LCBO.

  12. Phoenix:

    When will it be available for purchase through the LCBO online?

    • Davin:

      Best to ask LCBO.

  13. whisky drinker:

    Sold out online this morning

  14. Toronto TIM:

    Sadly sold out in a few hours: CC40 was available briefly across Toronto (and Ottawa), I went to LCBO SUmmerhill at 9am on the way to work, and 8 folks were waiting in line, with raffled ticket (?). I got lucky and got ONE (limit 1/customer) with a few left on the Check Out table. I checked again on-line at 2pm and ALL STOCKS were sold out across Ontario ! … i hate to run like this for the Northern Border Collection (Lot40CS, Wiser-25yo, …).

    • There should be more coming,
      More so for Whisky Shop locations. I understand that stores who received deliveries this morning in Toronto were selling the bottles, with possibly more coming in the future. Total of 7,000 bottles across Canada… don’t believe over a hundred were sold in Ontario over last few days – so numbers don’t add up. The Location I went to only received eight. Good luck!

      • Toronto Tim:

        Agreed. Perhaps Release#2 is to sync with The Northern Border Collection … LCBO does this with many “hot” bottles, be they Cognacs, Bourbons, Scotch(es), or otherwise …

    • Toronto Tim:

      - i mean WISER-35 (not 25yo)

  15. i was told by someone at the LCBO that they will get more for christmas.

    • Oakyflavours:

      Think it’s trustworthy? It’s brutal that they haven’t released the Northern Border Collection or CC 40 Year with a stated launch date. All the slowly releasing little bits here and there make it exhausting to hunt down or know if you’ll ever get it. Think I missed the CC 40 boat :(

      • Davin:

        Don’t worry, there is a lot more in the system. The brands have little control over when LCBO or other stores actually get it onto the shelves. It can sit in LCBO warehouse for weeks or months.

        • ya the woman who I talked to said there is over 100 in the warehouse waiting to be put on shelves.

          • Oakyflavours:

            Fingers crossed! I know they’re at the mercy of the LCBO, it’s just difficult to find out when to wait in line :p

  16. Omineca Greg!:

    It will be on the shelf in BC as part of the Premium Spirit Release…Nov 4th.


  17. Gordon:

    Place a order with you local lcbo that’s what I did

    • Ed:

      Unfortunately, placing an order doesn’t always work. I read about the CC40 in the LCBO Food and Wine magazine. As there was no other information within the advertisement, other than that it was coming out in Oct, I went to my local LCBO and pre-ordered two bottles.

      With an understanding that my local LCBO said, no problem, I left the country for 3 weeks. I returned to find that I had not received a call from the LCBO. I paid them a visit, only to find out that my local LCBO did not receive any bottles, and the Regional LCBO Distribution rep was not able to get my bottles in.

      Of course, upon finding out that awesome information, I looked online to find in addition to not being able to order a bottle online, the entire Province sold out.

      Thankfully, the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission had bottles, and I was able to order two bottles (one to taste and one to put away) and have my daughter pick them up and bring them home for me. Just got them yesterday.

      As another note against the LCBO, the bottles were cheaper in NS, by 30 dollars.

      • Gordon:

        Yea all I did was call them up and ask if they can order me one. I never thought I would receive them considering how fast they sold out everywhere but they call 2 days later saying they were waiting for me in the store

  18. chris leahy:

    I finally got a bottle today. I live in Windsor,on and had to find a bottle in Toronto and have it shipped to my local store. very hard to get here.

    • Mike:

      Hello I also live in WIndsor. I know these went for $250 a bottle would you consider letting it go for $500? Email me back if interested and we could meet at a Tim Hortons for the sale Thanks Mike

      • Jay:

        I have a cpl of extra bottles I might be willing to part with

      • Stef:

        I have a Bottle that I’m willing to part with if you’re interested. Let me know!

      • Hoots:

        I have bottle’s that i would consider parting with.

        • Andre:

          I have a bottle of Canadian Club 40 Year Old in orginal packaging I can part with. Send me an email and an offer to I live in Windsor.

  19. Gordon:

    Yea I purchased one online and then I have one that I got my local store to order in for me. Not sure if I even want to open either of them

  20. Sonia:

    Our local stores in Windsor would not allow us to pre order or order any in. Not right!! I was so excited. This should have been available to pre purchase and pick up when on shelves.

  21. Yoan:

    When will it be available in Québec

    • Davin:

      Best to ask SAQ. It is their decision.

  22. Gordon:

    Yeah I just went into the store and asked if they could order me one in and they did. Called 2 days later saying it was waiting for me

    • MJ:

      What province are you in?

      • Gordon:


  23. Nancy Peter:

    Hi All

    I picked up two yesterday at the London, Ontario store. I was checking each day and it seems that they are receiving them in stores across Ontario. Check the LCBO website daily – that’s how I was able to locate and obtain them. Stores will not hold them, so if you find them in a store that is not close to you, see if you have a friend or family in that area. Good luck.

    • MJ:

      I am in London ontario trying to find one! Which store did you find it at?

  24. Peter:

    I’ve been drinking C.C. since 1972 I have a number of bottles of various ages but 2 bottles of the 30 year old. One I will open when my son is 30 next year. The 40 year old I would like to open on my wife’s and I 40th wedding anniversary, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get hold of a bottle because we live in the UK, so never mind it would had been nice.

  25. Neil:

    Does any one know how many bottles have been sold so far

    • chris:

      aii of them

  26. i managed to get one on the weekend. but the store lost the box for it. is it just a standard cardboard box or is it a more fancier box? I can see it in the picture at the top, but can’t see any details.

    • Toronto Tim:

      for John V. : the back has imprints in English and French “We are proud to unveil our most dinstinguished achievment ….” (( Nous sommes fiers …)) in an otherwise rather flimsy plasticized cardboard box BUT with a black bag (pouch) to house the nectar, engraved with cc40 of course. Hoep this helps. TT

      • Toronto Tim:

        *hope (hoep)..

        • damn, i didn’t get the black pouch.

  27. MJ:

    Hi I am looking for bottle of this and cannot find them anywhere! Anybody able to help me out?


    • Joe:

      Message me

  28. Gordon:

    I don’t understand why the store can’t hold them for people. I have gone in to my local store and has them order me one in before I purchased my second one online. So ges they can order you one as long as they are in the warehouse they will do that for you.

  29. Gordon:

    I don’t understand why the store can’t hold them for people. I have gone in to my local store and has them order me one in before I purchased my second one online. So yes they can order you one as long as they are in the warehouse they will do that for you.

  30. Mike:

    I have one available in the Windsor area.

    • Steven:

      How much are you asking? I really need one and would drive down from Waterloo.

      • jas:

        There are like 50 in hamilton right now. I just grabbed 2.

        • Chris:

          They are out, the last 2-3 bottle sold this morning… I called my Oshawa store and ZERO bottles have been sold in the Durham region at all! So either there’s some bottles sitting in warehouses somewhere or yeah.. cant think of the alternative! Anyone got a spare bottle for sale?

    • Mike:

      Mike do you still have one of these? Email me the price Thanks

  31. Favian:

    To my fellow Quebecers, I asked the SAQ if they will have CC40 available and their email reply to me was that they are expecting an order of 400 bottles due to arrive at their warehouses shortly and then on store shelves a few weeks after. Hope this information helps some of you in Ontario as well.

  32. Mike:

    Steven, please provide your e-mail or cell and I will contact you.

  33. Joe:

    I have a few bottles of Canadian Club 40 Year Old in the Windsor area. Please leave contact info if interested. I also tried it and it is VERY good!

  34. I went to the lcbo this weekend and was told this CC40 is all gone. none in the warehouse.

    • Toronto Tim:

      JV: i do NOT doubt it – it was botched release at LCBO across Ontario; inventory flashes 4-8 each store for 15-30 min , then all sold out. . . a few thousands ACROSS Canada, so – - – good luck ! Maybe settle for Wiser-35y .. selling out quickly also.

      • do you think they’ll get more of the W35 or Pike Creek 21 for Christmas. right now there are a few stores that are selling the W35 and PC21, but none of the stores are around me. I’m hoping they will get more for christmas.

        • Toronto Tim:

          W35 is listing across Ontario as of Oct 31.
          Pike21 ain’t gonna sell out quite as fast.
          Trinity will be a slow sell.
          Best to get a few Lot40 Cask Strength .. harder to find.
          Stalk and Barrel has a Canada-150 at 50% for 45$.
          40 Creek has HERITAGE for Fall 2017 (already in store).
          so pace things a bit … to get the most.

  35. Gordon:

    I got 2 bottles sealed and would it part with one for the right price

    • Mike:

      Gordon What price are you looking for? I live in the WIndsor area Thanks Mike

    • Jim:

      Hi Gordon – I’m interested in purchasing. Could you provide your contact info?

    • Roger:

      Where are you located and what your price?

    • Gordon:

      I am in Burlington and email with offers to if your intested in one

  36. Christian Baril:

    160 bottles available downtown TO!! 600 king street! They open at noon tomorrow!

    • Whisky Chick:

      And more in the system to arrive at select LCBO’s through out the province in the coming days!

    • Neil:

      This location originally got 240 bottles, they are going fast so if your in the area now is the time. At the time of writing this they have 44 left. They will not hold or ship.

  37. chris:

    would not sell for less than 800 dollars .great investment

  38. toronto tim:

    Finally released all over Ontario with decent stock in each Store Nov 3 onwards … good luck yo’ll … for now, 250$CAD for the oldest CAD ever (to-date) is good value …

  39. Roger:

    Anyone selling in Ottawa area? I am looking for one for Christmas Gift.

    • Favian:

      LCBO in Ottawa has 39 in stock according to LCBO website.

      • Dan:

        LCBO at Rideau & King Edward (Ottawa) had 76 bottles when the opened this morning… Now down to 39 at 16h00 EST… They probably won’t last the weekend…

  40. Toronto Tim:

    All 200+ bottles cc40 sold out in 1 day (friday nov 3) at pop-up (new concept ?) LCBO 600 King Street Toronto ! … and all 24 bottles at Summerhill LCBO flew away in 2 hours ! … just in case you wonder …

  41. Thomas:

    Anybody looking for a bottle in montreal QC area?? If the price is good, I can let it go. Were able to put my hands on 2 bottles at lcbo ottawa yesterday. 2 hours drive but totally worth it for this rare bottle.

  42. Kita:

    Looking for a bottle – think they’ll have a batch two for Christmas?

    • Davin:

      There is still lots more coming.

  43. Rick:

    Davin, is it worth the price difference over the Wiser’s 35?

    • Davin:

      Hard to say. I am buying both. They are both VERY good.

  44. Gordon:

    I got 2 bottles will sell one email

  45. Nov 4th, 2017 1:50pm
    Canadian Club 40 year old..I have managed to get 4 bottles for my extensive whisky collection…….

    I have all ready tasted with my neighbor (Ted) we both loved it.. it truly is a remarkable whisky, I will charish these 4 bottle over the next 5 years

    Jeff Stewart
    Parksville BC
    Vancouver Island

    • Davin:

      Yeah, I couldn’t keep the cap on mine either.

      • Jeff:

        I got 2 bottles, but was almost mowed down by the Grey Mafia yesterday morning! so much for line etiquette! lol

  46. Toronto Tim:

    Ok, enough of cc40, … now, where are the cc45 and cc50 ?????

  47. Stef:

    Looking to sell a bottle! I’m located in the Windsor area. Contact me:

  48. James:

    I have a bottle of Canadian club 40yr I’m looking to sell.

  49. Dan:

    I have 3 bottles mint in the box with the black pouch, offers can be sent to Thanks

  50. Pete:

    I have one bottle in bag and box for sale.

    If interested please email at


  51. Wes:

    I have a extra set of the northern border collection including the 40 year canadian club for the right price.

  52. Rudy:

    Happy to have gotten two bottles today in Waterdown Ontario
    Left one on the shelf ;)

  53. Rudy:

    Purchased a few bottles today in Waterdown Ontario
    Left one on the shelf ;)

  54. Rudy:


  55. neandrewthal:

    I hope everyone here manages to find a bottle and ignores these scalpers. My local store was able to order me two. One for me. One for a friend.

  56. Joe:

    A very, very good whiskey, 40 years is amazing . . . smooth with a very nice finish! . . . . it sold out in Calgary very quick as well . . . I have an extra bottle or two for sale out West . . . if interested send note to . . .

  57. Teresa Hammond:

    Hi I am looking to buy a bottle of the 40 year old Canadian Club.
    Does anyone have a bottle that they want to sell?
    Please email me.

    • Jay:

      I have a bottle for sale , whereabouts do u live

    • Gordon:

      I got one for sale in Burlington

  58. Pete:

    I was able to get one spare bottle of cc40 in Vancouver.

    Email me with your offer … will meet face to face or ship (you pay the shipping)



  59. Jason:

    Hi there I have two bottles kicking around brand new for sale for the right price. Please make offers to

    I live in Vancouver.


  60. Rudy:

    Wish I bought that last bottle as well. Anyone willing to sell for a reasonable price?

    • Pete:


      Send me an email with price.



  61. Jerry:

    I have a couple cases of Canadian Club 40 Year old. Windsor area but willing to work with you on delivery. Send offers to

  62. Pete:

    Hello Davin,

    I may have a chance to pick up a few cases of the CC40…do you think it’s worth investing in. Or do you feel the price will just hold at the retail value. I recall you mentioning there is no market for old Canadian whisky.

    Thank you for your Insight


    (Relatively new to this site…but long time lurker and novice collector of all things cool)

  63. Pete:

    I have 9 bottles (2 full cases and one single) all sealed and comes in the origInal plastic baggy, black box and black velvet bag.

    Canada Shipping is $20 by Canada post – parcel, no tracking

    If you wish to have a different shipping method…you pay the difference

    For the First 4 to pay the price is $450 plus shipping

    For the final 5, the price is $500 plus shipping

    I will continue to update this post to let everyone know how many I have left.

    Order early to get them before Christmas.



    • paddockjudge:

      Whisky lovers, don’t be fooled into overpaying for CC40. The ransom demanded is much too high a price to pay from these opportunists.
      Looks to me like someone is going to get stuck with some surplus CC40, eh Pete?

      • Pete:

        One is never stuck with CC…one just has a big party

        • Len:

          Plenty available at LCBO in Toronto Summerhill location.

        • paddockjudge:

          @Pete _ touché! I hope you enjoy them with friends.

          • Pete:

            Thanks…will do…great drink with friends over the holidays and for parties!

  64. David:

    tons still available in BC

    • Len:

      Lots available at Summerhill in Toronto $240

  65. Pete:

    Black Friday only…price is $400 per bottle…shipped in Canada.

    Only for today.



  66. neandrewthal:

    Jeez, need quick money?

    Why don’t you investors wait a while…and not spam review comments? Go make a kijiji ad or something.

  67. Ken:

    Wine and Beyond South Common has many bottles left, also comes with free glasses.

    • Ken:

      Correction: Southgate mall (they are also doing buy 3 spirits or more and receive 10% off the total)

  68. Gordon:

    Got one for sale in Burlington Ontario email

  69. CAS:

    Need on by Friday December 8th…no stores on Ottawa have or the whole province of Ontario.
    Any chance Ottawa LCBO stores will have this week?

  70. chris leahy:

    is it really smooth I only have one bottle and I don’t want to open it ??

  71. Ken:

    Tons of inventory in Manitoba apparently

    And for only $219.

  72. Jay:

    I have an extra bottle in Kitchener/Waterloo area. Email if interested.

  73. Favian:

    Available online at the SAQ:

  74. Trent caldwell:

    Anyone willing to send 1-2 bottles to Australia

    • Dan:

      My wife is going to Australia in two weeks , I have 2 bottles I could send with her if your interested , email me

    • Dan:

      sorry email is

      • Trent caldwell:

        Hi Dan
        Just emailed you but think I might be a bit to late

        • Thomas:

          Hi Trent,

          Are you still looking for a few bottles? I am heading to Sydney in 1 month. If yes, email me.

  75. Mike:

    One bottle available in Windsor area.

  76. Gordon:

    One in Burlington email

  77. Brian:

    I have 3 bottles of the CC 40 year up for grabs. All in original packaging. Send an email and an offer to

  78. Aaron:

    They still have 61 bottles on the website of the SAQ. You can also look at what stores have them in stock. They’re selling it now at $225 a bottle Canadian.
    At the SAQ

  79. Brian:

    One store by me in Alberta has 8 on the shelf. I’m sure they will be there a week from now. They are going for 243.99$ I would be happy to send a bottle out to anyone who wants one. I would neexa small finders fee off 100$ for my time. Pmus shipping wh

    • Brian:

      Sorry for my terrible grammar…lol…big fingers small phone!

    • BT:

      I would be interest in the 8 bottles Brian. Are they still avail?

      • Joe:

        I can get you 8 bottles, located in southern Ontario

  80. jason:

    I have 2 extra bottles I may be willing to let go for the right price.

    • jason:

      I am in southern ontario

      • Keith:

        Still available?

        • Rudy:

          If you really want one for Xmas and I happen to be in your area I will let one of mine go. I’m in Waterdown/Burlington. I opened one, gave one away and have one in the box still. I don’t intend to sell it perse but if it helps someone out…

          • Keith:

            Live in Windsor been looking for one for a long time
            How much ,email

  81. Anthony:

    I have an unopened boxed up Canadian club in Windsor, asking 750

  82. Anthony T:

    I have 2 bottles unopened, asking $500 each. Located in Vancouver, BC but will be in downtown Toronto near the end of February. Email if interested
    Thanks and Happy New Year!

  83. TLeslie:

    Looking for a bottle of cc40 as a gift for my soon to be husband. Please if anyone could help me out, I am really wanting to surprise him.

    • Tony:

      Where are you located ?

  84. Brian:

    I have 3 unopened CC 40 year up for grabs. Asking 650$ plus shipping if interested email at

  85. Keith:

    Looking for a 30 year in Windsor

  86. Daniel:

    I’ve got 2 unopened bottles of CC 40year old up for grabs.
    Email me your offer + shipping if you’re interested.

    • Laura:

      Where are you located?

  87. Anthony:

    I have an unopened bottle of CC 40yr old in Windsor, Ontario
    Looking for 450$ obo

  88. Ken:

    Just purchased 3 bottles in Calgary…hopefully worth the effort to obtain. Safeway is selling at $209.99.

  89. Mike:

    Looking to buy 30 year old Canadian Club or also will trade a Canadian club 40 year for a 30 year old plus cash. I’m in the oakville Halton region.

  90. Sharon:

    Hi guys
    I have 4 unopened bottles of Canadian Club 40 year old. Located in Vancouver.
    Asking 500 a bottle plus shipping or you can pick up from our office.
    Email me at

  91. Pete:

    2 sealed bottles available in Winnipeg.

    Email me with your offers.



  92. Galen:

    I have a few bottles of Canadian Club 40 Year, an absolutely excellent whisky, I’d be willing to part with for $725 each, shipping incl.

  93. Pete:

    Just cracked open my first bottle of the CC40. Four of us from the office sampled this fantastic whiskey. It is so smooth and at 45% it has the perfect amount of burn. The initial experience is very creamy and “sweet” and the finish was extremely smooth.

    This one is definitely a keeper!

  94. Kris:

    I have 3 cases of 4 bottles up for sale $2250 each. There in the original box. I also have 2 bottles for sale at $600 each. Plus shipping. You can contact me at

  95. Kris:

    I have a few for sale $600 each. Plus shipping. Email me at

  96. Rick:

    I have 2 bottles for sale @ $499 each. Also i have Macallan 18yo sherry cask 2017 for sale @$699. Please contact

  97. James:

    Have 4 bottles I could part with for the right price.

    PM me with legit offers

  98. James:

    Oops forgot email

  99. Jerry:

    I have several, message with offers!

  100. George:

    I have 2 bottles
    Willing to sell 1 of them
    If interested

  101. Pete:

    Have two bottles in the 604 for sale.

    Email me with your offers.



  102. Jordy:

    I just found a retailer with 34 bottles left!!!

    • Rod KENNER:

      Just seen the post (a bit late). Where in Canada are they and do they possibly have any left.
      Thanks rod

    • Kris:

      Where abouts were they?

  103. Roy:

    Just got a bottle in hope BC, if you are visiting the west coast or have friends or family their it is still on shelves at $243.00 tax all in,
    People are trying to cash in on something every Canadian should be proud to have in their collection at face value price.

  104. Kris:

    Anyone have one in the Windsor area?

    • Joe:

      Hi Kris, I have many. Please email me with how many you want and your offer. Thank you!

  105. Gordon:

    I got 2 in Burlington Ontario if any one is interested

    • Kris:

      How much are you asking for one?

  106. Gordon:


    • Mike:

      Still available?

    • Mike:

      • Gordon:

        Check your email I sent you a message

  107. Jerry:

    I have some!

  108. Gordon:

    There available in Burlington

  109. James Chen:

    If your still looking for a CC40, I’ve a bottle, email me for details.

  110. Richard:

    I have a bottle of CC40 and Lot 40 cask strength for sale. $400 cad for both . Local Toronto only

  111. Vlad:

    I have a few bottles (receipts as well). 5-6 bottles available.

  112. Sam:

    Got a bottle for sale in Toronto. Make an offer

  113. John:

    anyone know anything about the Canadian Club 41 year old? is it just the 40 year old just aged for another year? it costs $300. $50 for another year is pretty expensive to me. :) i doubt there is a difference in taste between 40 and 41 years.

  114. Pete:

    Just sampled the CC 41 Chronicles (CCC41) … the CCC41 is definitely “sweeter” than CC40…sorry not a connoisseur and therefore not able to provide a true whiskey drinker assessment. Tish Harcus (CC ambassador) was at the BC liquor store spirit release event, and explained the CC40 was straight from the barrel (just reduced in alcohol level to 45%) whereas the CCC41 has is also reduced to 45% but also had 1% addition of other spirits (cognac and sherry …. was what I remembered). I liked the smooth sipping qualities of the CCC41 … got a case for myself. But … still prefer the CC40.

    • John:

      so the CC41 is the same batch as the CC40?

      • Pete:

        It’s the same batch of casks that was set aside for the CC40. They bottled 7000 bottles for the CC40 and for the CC Chronicles 41 they will have approximately 12000 bottles … some to be released to the US. I was told they still have some casks left that will be slowly released … 42, 43, 44 and 45 years. They will then let the remaining casks rest until it reaches 50 years.

  115. Van:

    Anyone still have a 40 left they want to let go? Email me:

  116. John:

    $50 for 1 extra year ridiculous. will the 50yo be $1000?

  117. Trevor:

    Looking for a CC40, I’m in KW area!

  118. R. D.:

    Anyone have the CC40 available in the Calgary area?

  119. Jemma:

    Looking for CC40 in BC, I’m on Vancouver Island. Anyone have a bottle out West?

    • Pete:

      I have a couple bottles … in Vancouver.

      Text me if interested.


      604 616-0356

  120. Gordon:

    I have one in Burlington ontario

  121. Gordon:

    I have one in Burlington ontario replie on here if interested

    • Rod Kenner:

      Hi Gordon,
      I am interested in the 40 yo, you can text me as well at 905 865 9182.

  122. Kris:

    If some one is looking for Canadian Club 40yo I have a case for $200 or a bottle for $550 plus shipping. You can email at pr texr me at 519-818-6634. Thanks

  123. Kris:

    I have some Canadian Club 40yo dir sale if anyone is looking for it you can contact me by email at

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