Canadian Club 40 Year Old

September 26, 2017


Dark fruits, butter tarts, baking spices and ripe fall fruit in a complex, elegant whisky, warmed by the glow of real black pepper. Silky, rich, mouthfilling and beautifully balanced.

The year 1858 was a long time ago. Canada wasn’t even a nation when Hiram Walker began making whisky just outside Windsor, Ontario. Walker had been a grain dealer in Detroit, and while most Canadian distillers were mashing wheat, he preferred a blend of corn and rye. That is the same blend of grains used to make Canadian Club today, just as it was in 1977 when this 40-year-old beauty was distilled. Oh, it is gorgeous whisky. One of the finest I have ever tasted, anywhere.

The Canadian Club trademark dark fruits announce an elegant, beautifully balanced whisky with tremendous complexity and breadth of flavour. Hints of butter tarts, gentle cloves, nutmeg and other baking spices, and ripe purple plums are interlaced with the warming glow of real black pepper. After 40 years in barrels, the most refined oaky tones bring silky structure to the whisky, while avoiding the woodiness so common in long-aged whisky. Black pepper notes remain brisk and invigorating yet carefully constrained, from the middle right into the long elegant finish.

CC40 is a masterful achievement and a real tribute to the Canadian whisky style. Canadian Club: you’ve knocked it out of the park.

$250 across Canada only.

Very highly recommended. ★★★★★


33 Responses to “Canadian Club 40 Year Old”

  1. Probably the nicest bottle used for a Canadian whisky ever.

  2. Vicki Irvine:

    Would like to purchase this bottle. Where and when will it be available. I live in Regina, Saskatchewan. Will it be available for purchase at any of our liquor boards? Need to know ASAP.

    • Davin:

      Yes, it should be in all provinces by mid-October.

  3. Toronto Tim:

    Alongside Wisers-35, Collingwood-2xBarrel, CC40 is a must have – oh yeah, and those Lot 40 Cask Strength too, … Great review, thx. Decent price, tho’ I had hoped for 200 $CAD …

  4. is this the same whisky as the 30yo, just left in the barrel for another 10 years?

    • Davin:

      No, it is an entirely new batch.

  5. Chris:

    When will we know the exact date it will be available in stores?

    • Davin:

      It will be mid-October. The actual date depends on how long the stores wait to order it and put it out.

  6. (Fingers Crossed!) Forget the socks and the neckties, this one is going on my Christmas List.

    Thanks for the heads up regarding the imminent release. I just told Mrs. Claus.

  7. Maureen McQuire:

    I would like to purchase 2 bottles

  8. Maureen McQuire:

    How can I purchase 2 bottles

    • Davin:

      Visit any Canadian liquor store, once it is released later this month.

  9. Joe Coltson:

    Davin, any idea if this will be a limited release? Or is this a permanent addition to CC’s rotation?

    • Davin:

      Yes, a one-time limited release. Get it while you can.

  10. John velocci: says its sold out. Did they already get it and sell out that quickly?

    • Davin:

      No. They haven’t got it yet,

  11. Keith Archer:

    Will the C.C. 40 yr old be at the lcbo pop up after thanksgiving.
    Thanks K. A.

    • Davin:

      You would have to ask LCBO.

  12. Phoenix:

    When will it be available for purchase through the LCBO online?

    • Davin:

      Best to ask LCBO.

  13. whisky drinker:

    Sold out online this morning

  14. Toronto TIM:

    Sadly sold out in a few hours: CC40 was available briefly across Toronto (and Ottawa), I went to LCBO SUmmerhill at 9am on the way to work, and 8 folks were waiting in line, with raffled ticket (?). I got lucky and got ONE (limit 1/customer) with a few left on the Check Out table. I checked again on-line at 2pm and ALL STOCKS were sold out across Ontario ! … i hate to run like this for the Northern Border Collection (Lot40CS, Wiser-25yo, …).

    • There should be more coming,
      More so for Whisky Shop locations. I understand that stores who received deliveries this morning in Toronto were selling the bottles, with possibly more coming in the future. Total of 7,000 bottles across Canada… don’t believe over a hundred were sold in Ontario over last few days – so numbers don’t add up. The Location I went to only received eight. Good luck!

      • Toronto Tim:

        Agreed. Perhaps Release#2 is to sync with The Northern Border Collection … LCBO does this with many “hot” bottles, be they Cognacs, Bourbons, Scotch(es), or otherwise …

    • Toronto Tim:

      - i mean WISER-35 (not 25yo)

  15. i was told by someone at the LCBO that they will get more for christmas.

    • Oakyflavours:

      Think it’s trustworthy? It’s brutal that they haven’t released the Northern Border Collection or CC 40 Year with a stated launch date. All the slowly releasing little bits here and there make it exhausting to hunt down or know if you’ll ever get it. Think I missed the CC 40 boat :(

      • Davin:

        Don’t worry, there is a lot more in the system. The brands have little control over when LCBO or other stores actually get it onto the shelves. It can sit in LCBO warehouse for weeks or months.

        • ya the woman who I talked to said there is over 100 in the warehouse waiting to be put on shelves.

          • Oakyflavours:

            Fingers crossed! I know they’re at the mercy of the LCBO, it’s just difficult to find out when to wait in line :p

  16. Omineca Greg!:

    It will be on the shelf in BC as part of the Premium Spirit Release…Nov 4th.


  17. Gordon:

    Place a order with you local lcbo that’s what I did

  18. chris leahy:

    I finally got a bottle today. I live in Windsor,on and had to find a bottle in Toronto and have it shipped to my local store. very hard to get here.

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