Canadian Club 30 year old photo

Canadian Club 30 year old (40% alc./vol.)

January 13, 2011


Fragrant and flavourful with butterscotch, dark fruit, loads of fresh-cut wood, hot pepper, a vague corn-whisky mustiness, and recurring rich tobacco notes. Deceptively simple and surprisingly lively. Rich & Round. ★★★★★

In 1858, Hiram Walker began distilling whisky in Walkerville, Ontario, then a little town just north of Windsor. Although he did not introduce his signature Canadian Club whisky until the 1880s, from the beginning, Walker used a process that involved blending several component whiskies according to a still-secret formula, then putting the resulting blend to age in barrels made of white oak. Walker experimented with ageing this “barrel blended” whisky for 5, then 6, and then 7 years, before finally settling on 6 years as the standard. More recently, various older versions, including 10, 12, 15, and 20 year olds, have been introduced to expand the range.

Some thirty-odd years ago, someone at the Hiram Walker distillery in Walkerville selected 89 real “honey” barrels of standard barrel-blended Canadian Club, and set them aside for long ageing. Whoever that person might have been – master blender, barrel jockey, or prankster – he (or she?) is owed a great debt of gratitude. Over those thirty years, the angels that visit the CC warehouses in Pike Creek, Ontario have consumed more than half of that whisky, leaving the equivalent of only 39 barrels of the golden liquid behind.

In 2008, when preparations for the 150th anniversary of Walker’s distillery were in full swing, his successors decided that the time had finally come to pull those old honey barrels out of the warehouse and to bottle their contents. The result? A supply of an astounding 2,560 six-bottle cases of this special Canadian Club 30-year-old edition.

Nose: Quite fragrant with cedar lumber and lots of dry, fresh-cut hardwood. Dark fruit – including raisins, black currants, and prunes – merge with fruity pipe tobacco, which in turn, is joined by a hint of grape Kool-Aid. These fruity notes have melded right into the woody ones, creating a deceptively simple nose. But given time, the deceit is revealed as teasing nuances of gentle sweet vanilla and fleeting hints of milk chocolate escape, only to be jostled aside by a vaguely rancorous astringency, as childhood scents of peeled green Manitoba maple bark elbow their way in too. Yes, thirty years in a Pike Creek warehouse is a mighty long time, even though the warehouses are heated in winter. That said, this whisky is anything but tired, though its recurring ultra-complex tobacco notes remind us of that thirty-year sleep.

Canadian Club 30 year old is made from the same spirit as CC 20 year old, using the same blending formula. A rye, a malted rye, a barley whisky, and a corn whisky were the constituents of both the 20- and 30-year old, and there are many similarities between the noses of these two whiskies. But there are differences too, and not ones you might initially anticipate, either. As expected, wood dominates the nose of the 30-year old, as it also does with the 20. But ten more years in the barrel have left Canadian Club 30 year old not woodier, but fruitier than its 20-year-old cousin, and also dryer, as so often happens with very old whiskies.

Palate: At thirty years of age, the palate is still crisp and fresh. And it still retains that particular Canadian Club creaminess, with a pleasing medium weight, and some sweetness too. The dominating feature though is fresh-cut lumber, tightly integrated with a hot zippy pepper. This well-aged whisky remains vibrant and powerful and is most definitely not over the hill. An early bitter citric zest disappears after a little while, but a pleasing mouth-filling heat lingers. Given its age, I would expect more obvious complexity but it really is quite subtle. Hints of black fruit, fresh plums, sherry, licorice, caramel, loads of butterscotch, floral perfume, and pink grapefruit juice broaden the palate. Traces of old corn whisky, along with slightly musty cardboard and old books, mingle with the dustiness of rye. The fruity tobacco of the nose finds its echo on the palate in hot tobacco notes which underscore the hot pepper while tempering a gentle tannic pull and a hint of woody bitterness.

Finish: Long and reluctant. Zesty bitter citric notes, suggestions of dark fruit, lots of pepper, and fading hints of dry wood and sawdust. The peppery glow lingers in the throat, joined towards the end by inklings of ginger.

Empty Glass: Restrained oakiness and fresh-cut cedar, hints of pickle juice, fudge, caramel, mild woodiness, and slight citric notes.

Canadian Club 30 year old is gone from LCBO, but it is still available for $180 at B.C. Liquors, and $183 at SAQ. There was, after all, just a single batch and almost all of it has been sold. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to decide whether or not you must have one of the few remaining bottles.

Very highly recommended. ★★★★★

The reviews on are intended to help readers find whiskies they will enjoy, and to better appreciate the whiskies they drink. Not everyone has the same likes and dislikes though, and the best a reviewer can do is offer his or her opinion. But these are just that, opinions and not truths.

Just for fun, Chip Dykstra in Edmonton, Jason Debly in Fredericton, and I, decided to review this exceptional Canadian Club whisky independently and then post our reviews at the same time on our respective websites. We did this so we, and you could compare them. You can read what Chip thinks of CC 30 on his Rum Howler blog and get Jason’s opinion on his blog – Jason’s Scotch Whisky Reviews. We have not shared our reviews with each other before posting them so we’ll be just as surprised as you are. But who knows, if we like the results we may just try it again a time or two in 2011.

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108 Responses to “Canadian Club 30 year old (40% alc./vol.)”

  1. John Velocci: is selling this for $250 US

    • Davin:

      Hi John,

      Yes, as the supply dwindles the price will go up.

  2. CC can be very surprising…. The new 10yo is one of the best canadian whisky on market… and 24$ a bottle ! I need to taste this one, still missing in my reviews…

    Ready for the Victoria whisky fest Davin ?

  3. BTW iM still sticked with the Wisers Legacy. This was definitely my Canadian whisky of the year for 2010…

  4. Jeff Nairn:

    By the way, BCLC just dropped price to $125 from $180.

    • Davin:

      Thanks Jeff, That’s good to know. One benefit of government liquor boards – they want to keep the stock turning over.

  5. have anyone ever heard of a 133 1\3 ounce bottle of canadian club It says by appointment to the late QUEEN VICTORIA 1898 1901 ON IT.

    • Carmen:

      I have a 133oz 1972 bottle of Seagrams CC in a swing dispenser. Unopened.

  6. Elliott Mamann:

    I like to know the cost of a bottle of Canadian Club Blended Canadian Whiskey of 1961 still with the original seal and bands in excellent condition.
    Kind regards.

    • Davin:

      Hi Elliott,
      Probably the best way to establish the value is to see what others are selling for on e-Bay. My guess is that depending on who is looking to buy you will get somewhere in the range of $50 to $100. Not more. Old Canadian whisky doesn’t really appreciate much. Probably the bet thing to do is find a couple of friends and sit down and enjoy the whisky.

  7. Rob:

    Hey Davin, what are the odds of them re-releasing this. I’d love to add it to my collection. Ideally two bottles so I can store one and drink the other.

    • Davin:

      You just never know what is lurking in the warehouses. I know of no specific plans right now but who knows what the future holds. We can only hope.

  8. Rob:

    I’m getting the last bottle of this left in Ontario. Coming from Windsor, I’m lucky I have a buddy working at the LCBO that located it for me. I should have it today or tomorrow. Not sure if I can justify opening this though, it may just end up sitting there like my Wiser’s Redletter 150 An.

  9. Jr:

    I have a Canadian club from 1890 seal, for sale

    • Davin:

      Hmmm . . . second one of these I have heard of today. Do you have pictures?

  10. Eric:

    I bought the 30 year with the anticipation that it would be leaps and bounds beyond the silky smoothness of the 20 year, my ultimate fave.
    You have no idea how terribly disappointed I was when I tried it. I even delayed the opening of it for two weeks because I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to open it at all. However, I decided against saving it because it wouldn’t age further in the bottle anyway.
    My first impression: Very oaky and extremely long on the pepper note. EXTREMELY! And to think I spent $200 on this when the 20 year only costs $50 and it’s to die for!!
    For 30 year old whiskey, the flavours should be complex, smooth, savoury………..desireable. But they’re not. This stuff is bilge water, which proves “Old” doesn’t mean better.
    Save your money and get the 20. In fact, for the price of one overrated, pretentious 30 year old, you can get four sweet 20 year olds.
    Coincidentally, the same rule applies to women as well. LOL!

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  12. chris:

    Does anyone have an unopened Canadian club 30yo the are looking to sell?

    • john:

      I have a bottle of Premium Canadian club sealed and stamped 1983, no idea what is will sell for

      • Davin:

        Probably better just to open it and enjoy it. The value is about $25.00. Sorry.

        • john:


    • i got a bottle of cc 1976 and don’t know who to sell it to neveropened

    • Brekke:

      I have a bottle I would be willing to part with. $400 USD. PM me if you’re still interested.

      • Candice:

        Do you still have said bottle of 30 year CC?

        • mslab:

          I have 2 bottles of 1979 Candian club for sale if you are interested message me.

    • Steven:

      I have two sealed in their boxes.

  13. I’m looking for Citrus Canadian Club Whiskey.

    • Davin:

      To my knowledge it is no longer available. Sorry.

  14. sam:

    Hello. im from australia and im looking to buy the 30 age for my partner. where can i purchase this internationaly??


    • Davin:

      As far as I know it is all sold out now. It never was available outside North America. Sorry.

      • Joel Carry:


        I was lucky enough to pickup three bottles of the 30 year old Canadian club from the duty free in Sydney Australia in 2009-2010.I also picked up several bottles of the 20 year old from the same duty free shop in Sydney Australia.I still have the three 30 year old unopened bottles and would have to check on the 20 year old version as i know i gave one as a present to a friend in Australia.
        So in short yes it was available other then in North America.The sales person at the duty free told me it was duty free limited edition only (apparently that was incorrect ).
        I have been traveling to Australia for work since 2001 and have had the chance to try many different beers and spirits not usually available here in Canada.
        I switched to Rum years ago as a drink of choice but have come back to Canadian Whiskey lately.I usually take a bottle or two to my friends in Australia of brands such as Crown Royal cask No 16 and special reserve.Most bottle shops in Australia only have Canadian club and Canadian club 12 year old available so they are missing out on some finer Canadian whiskeys.My next trip i am taking a Gibsons 18 year old and another CR cask No 16 for my Aussie friends.

        • Davin:

          Glad to hear you got a stash of CC 30. Great whisky for sure. If you want to take a Cask 16 to your friends you might want to buy it soon. I think the batch they did last winter is the last one so when that is gone there’ll be no more.

          • Joel Carry:


            From what you said regarding CR Cask No 16 being discontinued (and what i have learned/confirmed through research on the internet)i went out and purchased multiple bottles for the future.So far i am up to 11 750ml bottles and have found 8 more if i want them.If one looks in the right places they can be found here in Calgary for how long no one knows.Like you say once they are gone that will be it(a great whisky that will be missed)
            I double checked my stash and have 4 bottles of the CC 30 year old left and 2 bottles of the CC 20 year old.
            Some other notables are 6 bottles Highwood Calgary Stampede 100 year anniversary 25 year old , 2 bottles Wisers 150th anniversary Red Letter 2010 (nice box) , 6 bottles Wisers Red Letter 2013 , 2 bottles CR extra rare red (Waterloo) and 1 bottle CR extra rare blue (Lasalle).
            I am not sure how much longer i can treat my friends in Australia to discontinued brands of great Canadian whiskies but will do my best.

            Cheers Joel

  15. john d:

    Looking to buy a unopened bottle of 30 year if anyone is willing to sell please email me

    • Brekke:

      I would be interested in selling to you. $400 USD.

      • Brendan Zettl:

        Hey brekke, my wife an I have just got married an were interested in your bottle of 30 year old for the 400.00 would you still have it available to be picked

        Could you please email me back on

  16. Cam:

    Just spotted one of these for sale in Calgary at Beyond Liquor on 14st SW just south of 17 ave. Pretty sure the price tag was $450

    • Brekke:

      You’re in luck! I’m selling my bottle for $400 USD. PM me for details.

      • Michael:

        Hi Brekke,

        Just wondering if you still have your 30 year old bottle of Canadian Club. I am in Australia and would be really interested in buying from you. If you could email me at that would be greatly appreciated


  17. Mark Duggan:

    Hi, I have an unopened sealed 1983 bottle of imported Canadian
    Club whiskey for sale ! Any offers?

  18. Rick:

    I have a bottle of 1953 Canadian Club Whiskey ( Hiram Walker & Son)Unopened all the labels & seal. Very Nice Condition. Been stored in cool basement since new 61 years ago. I looking to sell make offer.

  19. Brian:

    I have a 37 year old sealed bottle of Canadian Club that has been well taken care of. If anyone is interested in making an offer, email me at:

  20. Jon:

    Looking for an unopened bottle of CC 30year old forsale if anyone has one email me

  21. M Medeiros:

    Hi there,

    I have a bottle of aged with a serial number and date of 1979 sealed. What is its value, its a bottle mother feels is worth so much more and has stored all these years.
    Kind Regards, Cheers!!

    • Davin:

      It is worth what she paid for it. No more than that.

  22. Mark:

    I have an unopened 30 Year old bottle looking to sale excellent condition.

    • Doug:

      How much are you looking to get?

  23. Joe:

    I have an unopened 30 year old bottle in the black box with the little book inside looking to sell in excellent condition for $450 USD.

  24. Rob:

    I also have an unopened 30 Year old Canadian Club. Mint condition. It’s the 150 anniversary edition obviously. It would cost a lot to part with though.

  25. Tim:

    I have that bottle, has been sitting unopened in my living room for a few years, should be worth over $300 right?

    • Davin:

      You MIGHT find a buyer at that price. There is no real market for old Canadian whisky, though.

  26. Aj masterson:

    How much is a 30 year old bottle of Canadian club unopened worth?

    • Davin:

      $200, tops.

  27. tom:

    I have an unopened, sealed CC gold limited edition commemorative 1976 Olympic games bottle I am trying to find the value of. I’m finding no helpful info online. Does anyone have this information please? I may also be interested in selling. Email:

  28. Rob:

    Davin the market is what people are willing to pay. I’m pretty sure there are a bunch of people out there willing to pay handsomely for this bottle. A bunch of people have sold there’s for over $400 American. I have an unopened one in mint condition I’ll only part with for that much.

    • Davin:

      I think people are slowly beginning to wake up to the quality of Canadian whisky. If you can find a buyer go for it, but for now, with rare exceptions, there is still no real collectors’ market for Canadian whisky.

  29. john:

    I have a 6 year old C.c, dated 1976 unopened with serial numbers.
    Was wondering if someone might be able to estimate a price for me. Any help would be appreciated. Ty

    • Davin:

      There is no collectors’ market for these old bottles, so it is worth $40 to $60. Your best bet is to one and enjoy it.

  30. Marjorie:

    I have a 1970 unopened bottle of Canadian Club Whiskey. How much is it worth?

    • Davin:


  31. Rob:

    Have an unopened bottle of this. Getting rid of it email if interested.

  32. Nobby:

    Last week I tasted the “New Canadian Club Maple “-Whisky — it is simply great !!
    That’s the real taste of Canada !

  33. Peter:

    Hi all I have a number of old full bottles of CC the oldest is tax label 1945. I have old 12, 15 and 20 year old, The black and silver/bottles plus 3×30 year old bottles I think I have about 40-50 old full bottles to total.
    The problem this side of the pond is that CC is becoming less and less available in the UK.
    I think I am keeping mine for a rainy day, when there none available in the UK.
    I think CC need a very large advertising campaign in the UK to get it back in the market place

  34. Debbie Harnack:

    bottle of canadian club from 1983, is it worth anything

    • Davin:

      If it is in perfect condition.

  35. Elliott:

    For sale is a unopened bottle from 1965 that has the old style LCBO label. This bottle has stored in a cool dark dry cellar. I’m located in Toronto. Open to realistic offers.

    Also have a unopened 1964 Weiser’s blue bottle. Same as above.


  36. Annie:

    I have 2 Canadian Club 150th Anniversary (1858-2008 )Aged 30 years. What are they worth ? I would like to sell.

    • Davin:

      Probably worth about $200, if you can find a buyer. Good luck.

    • Candice:

      Annie do you still have 2 bottles of the 150 Ann. CC. Actually interested in buying both if you or anyone has any available.

      • Cat:

        I have a bottle of the 150th anniversary edition that I’m looking to sell. Box is a bit bashed but bottle in excellent condition.
        I’m based in the UK.

        • Andre:

          Hi Do you still have cc aged 30 years?

  37. Brad Bedford:

    I have a bottle of 1952 Canadian Centennial Whiskey Gooderham & Worts for sale anyone interested? Original box and bag numbered and sealed. Contact me at

  38. I have a 1979 unopened bottle of.canadian club 6 years old whiskey how much is it worth

    • Davin:

      $40 to $60 depending on finding a willing buyer.

  39. Any buyer

  40. Chris W:

    I have an unopened case of 1983 Canadian Club (1 liter and gift wrapped). How much is this worth?

  41. Candice:

    In search of multiple bottles of this if anyone still has. Please let me know.

  42. Rob:

    Looking for CC 30 year old. if anyone is selling. Thanks!

    • Cat:

      I have one for sale. Box is a bit tatty but bottle in fine order.
      I’m based in the UK.

      • Bernster:

        HI did you ever find the 30 yro bottle of CC you were seeking? I have a collector’s expo 86 gold unopened bottle (no box)! :D

  43. Scott:

    I have a 1983 Texas Mickey (3.79 litre) bottle of Canadian Club, unopened and sealed, in a rocker. What’s the worth?

    • Davin:


  44. Robert:

    I have a bottle of cc 50 years old purchased in 1967 wondering how much I can sell it for?

    • Davin:


  45. PETE M.:

    I have a full and sealed bottle of Canadian club,
    seal is stamped 1944.
    anyone know what this would be worth ?

    • Davin:

      $50 to $100. There is no collectors’ market for these old bottles.Sorry to disappoint. It’s good stuff so open it and drink it with friends on a special occasion.

    • Andre:

      Do you still have the bottle? I’m interest to buy?

  46. Mike:

    I have a mint bottle of CC 30yr 150th for sale. Reply if interested.

    • Andre:

      Do you still have cc aged 30 years? I want to buy can you ship to UK ? Price please?

    • Mike:

      hi please contact me if CC 30 is still available.

  47. Bernster:

    Hi Everyone, I have an unopened bottle of CC (gold bottle) from expo 86.
    Anyone know the value? Been tempted to drink it but not sure if it’s at all valuable/sellable.

  48. Andre:

    I’m looking for a full and sealed bottl of canadian club aged 30 years please email me

  49. k peterson:

    Hi I have a bottle of Canadian Club 6 year old sealed and dated 1973 can anyone tell me the value of it? thanks
    anyone interested please email me

    • Davin:

      About $35 to $50.

      • Joanne:

        Would the same value apply to an unopened sealed bottle dated 1976? Trying to decide whether to try and sell or give it to friends. Thanks for any help.

  50. Corey:

    I have a bottle of the Canadian Club 30 Year Old 150th Anniversary Sealed bottle.

    With box and everything.

    Open to the right offer.

    Email –


    • Mike:

      Please contact me if the CC 30 is still available.

  51. Brian MacDougall:

    Hi there, I’m looking for a sealed bottle of 30 Year Old Canadian Club. If anyone has one to sell let me know.
    Thanks, Brian – Toronto

    • Joseph MacNamara:

      I have a bottle of 30 year old CC in the box willing to part with for the right enticement

      • Mike:

        please contact me if CC 30 still available.

        • Keith:

          Hi Mike.
          What is your email address?

  52. Jay:

    Looking for a bottle of the 30 yr old to buy

    • Goga:

      I have a bottle (3.79L) of 1974 Canadian Club Whiskey ( Hiram Walker & Son)Unopened all the labels & seal with box and pump.

  53. J:

    looking to buy a bottle of the 30 yr old in Windsor area, Also I have a cpl bottles of the 40 yr old I can trade for the 30 yr old + cash as well

  54. Mike:

    Hello anybody with Canadian Club 150th 30 year old for sale please contact me I will buy it.

  55. Cory Yip:

    I have several bottles available if anyone is interested, please email me at

    1 6 yr old bottle, sealed with tax label from 1963 and gift box

    16 yr old bottle, sealed with tax label from 1974 and gift box

    1 6yr old bottle, sealed with tax label from 1968

    1 6 yr old bottle, sealed with tax label from 1961

    1 6 yr okd bottle, sealed with tax label from 1967

  56. Steven:

    I have two bottles of 30 yr with boxes. Willing to sell for the right price!

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