Black Velvet Toasted Caramel 35% alc/vol

September 7, 2012


Succulent buttery caramel cream, canned cream-style corn and Mackintosh’s toffee waft gently into softly glowing peppery rye spices.

“Glad to hear it has inter-generational appeal,” my friend at Black Velvet responds when I tell her how much my adult children are enjoying their first taste of toasted caramel whisky. To the long-time whisky lover, flavoured whisky might seem anathema at first. And this one is very much, flavoured. But when you can get your 20-something-year-old son to sit and sip a dram while you chat, you begin to see whisky through different eyes. And Black Velvet’s new toasted caramel whisky really does appeal to new drinkers.

Black Velvet Whisky first saw the light of day at Toronto’s Gilbey distillery, in 1951. Originally called Black Label, the name evolved into Black Velvet at the suggestion of distiller, Jack Napier. He felt this better reflected the velvety taste and smoothness of the whisky. Demand for quality Canadian whisky was high in the early fifties and Black Velvet was so successful that liquor stores had to be rationed until production could be ramped up. This only led to further demand, boosting the popularity of Black Velvet even more.

In the late 1960s, the brand’s managers launched an iconic advertising campaign for the whisky featuring a “Black Velvet lady.” Before its run ended two decades later, the campaign had helped to launch the careers of such stars as Christie Brinkley, Cheryl Tiegs, and Cybil Shepard. It also helped to make Black Velvet a household name.

Today, the Black Velvet Distilling Company is located near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Lethbridge, Alberta, not far from the sites of some of Canada’s early, historic whisky forts. Here, the distillery has access to the crystal waters of the Canadian Rockies. It still distills, matures and blends Black Velvet with the same care and craftsmanship that Jack Napier practiced back in 1951.

Black Velvet is made from corn and a smaller amount of rye grain. The corn and the rye spirits are distilled separately, at different times, using a continuous four-column distillation process consisting of a beer column, an extractive distillation column, a fusel oil column, and a rectifying column. These columns are equipped with copper trays and mesh to ensure that no off-notes make their way into the spirit. This is a key factor in creating the clean crispness of Black Velvet.

The whisky begins to take shape when newly distilled corn spirits are flavored with rye high wines. High wines are the highly concentrated spirit flavoring that is largely responsible for the spicy fruitiness of Black Velvet whisky. Using a unique technique called “blending at birth”, rye high wines are mingled with corn base spirit then filled into new, charred, white American oak barrels. Here the two distillates marry and mature into the smooth, flavorful whisky known the world over as Black Velvet.

To make Black Velvet Toasted Caramel, an extra step is added: An all-natural, proprietary blend of toasted caramel flavorings is infused into mature Black Velvet whisky to create the final nectar.

Nose: Caramel cream, toasted oak and fresh hot toffee. Just a trace of rich sweet spirit rides a rippling swell of roasted toastiness which will soon have you hearing Yule logs a cracklin’.

Palate: Toffee-sweet with the woody heart of maple syrup, rousing warm pepper and a balancing citrus pith. The pepper grows more intense with each sip as a welcome rich, buttery creaminess envelopes the palate. Whisky notes themselves hang way in the background at first, with just the essence of the rye overlain with buckets of toasty caramel. The simple and sweet beginning becomes much less one-dimensional as developing pepper and rye spices push the flavour more into whisky territory.

Finish: Surprisingly long and whisky-like with a slight heat and a delightfully clean tannic pithiness. Peppery rye spices that were masked in the caramel begin to glow softly in the throat.

Empty Glass: Bold and full caramel, fresh-baked buns, and vague wisps of grapefruit juice.

$27.65 at LCBO beginning in mid- to late-September.

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58 Responses to “Black Velvet Toasted Caramel 35% alc/vol”

  1. Danielle:

    Any idea where one can buy this in Red Deer, Alberta?

  2. Timothy:

    I found this at our campground package store and think it is fantastic. I went to my local package store that I shop at every week and have turned the manager onto Black Velvet Toasted Caramel an I am very happy they are now stocking it on the shelf.

  3. Ramona:

    Is this only available in Ontario?

    • Davin:

      As far as I know it is in many provinces and US states.

    • margaret:

      this product is also available in quebec liquor stores for29,95$ plus $1.00 off.

    • Mathieu Fréchette:

      Its on shelf at SAQ in Quebec

  4. Deb:

    Is the Toasted Caramel a seasonal buy or will it be available all year long? Husband has fallen in love with this and we want to make sure we can always obtain it.

    • Davin:

      As far as I know it is a permanent, year-round addition to the line. It has been a huge success.

  5. John:

    This has got to be one of my favorite whiskeys of all time. It is so sweet with hints of maple syrup and caramel. It tastes just like pancakes once you down a shot of it!! And even though it is only 70 proof, it seems stronger. It has a very complex set of flavors and a nice warmness going down that any whiskey lover can enjoy.

  6. Jamie Betteridge:

    This has an excellent taste to it, Great for introducing non-whiskey sippers as it’s just sweet and flavored enough for them to start.

    Also, try this with DoctorPepper in a mix. Very nice.

  7. JWS:

    It IS available in the USA. I recently bought a bottle. Very good, but needs a mixer, or at least ice…….(in the voice of someone who just drank/ate something very sugary) Ith vewwy vewwy thweet!!!!

    • Davin:


      • Jws1272:

        This is my usual drink with it, the Whisky & Ginger, mixed in a 22oz “Red Cup”:

        Shot of Velvet Caramel
        2 handfuls of ice
        Fill the rest with Diet Vernor’s….

        I’m sorry, but that stuff is just WAY TOO SWEET to be enjoyed any other way…….

  8. I have been a velvet drinker for over 20 years!!! My husband and I tried this and omgosh it is awesome…thank you for making an awesome liquor

  9. we love your toasted carmel and have been told that it is discontinued. is this true because we are having no luck in finding your product here in it still available anywhere in the states.

    • Davin:

      I don’t make or sell whisky, I just write about it, and I do not know the California market, so sorry, I cannot help you. As far as I know sales of Toasted Carmel continue to grow and they have no intention of discontinuing it. Maybe your shop is just sold out, or they are changing distributors or something like that.

      • robin h.:

        i had a sample at a local liquor store and thought it was great. would be nice if it was in a smaller bottle so you could sample it with friends, in case they didnt like it your stuck with a large bottle only you like…pity;)

      • Carol:

        This is my favorite whiskey but I can’t seem to find it in B.C. anymore. No one carries it.

        • Davin:

          According to BC Liquors website it is still available at these 9 stores:
          Stores Quantity
          Campbell River 1 5
          Greenwood 1 5
          Kitimat 1 7
          Port Hardy 1 3
          Sidney 1 7
          Sooke 1 10
          Vancouver 1 1
          Victoria 2 5

          • Sheldon Posen:

            Hi, Davin. Went looking for this today at the LCBO. All Black Velvet products seem to be discontinued. Do you know what’s happening?

          • Davin:

            You’d have to ask LCBO.

  10. [...] myself! Needed: Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, Smucker’s Carmel Syrup, 1oz Amaretto, 3oz Roasted Carmel Whiskey, 1oz Bailey’s Irish Cream, and 1tsp cream. Swirl the glass with both syrups in whatever [...]

  11. Leisa:

    What do you mix the Toasted Carmel Whiskey with?
    I can not find any recipes online.

    • Davin:

      My favourite is to pour it on coconut ice cream.

  12. [...] medium. Så kan man sammanfatta alltid lika vackra Dominikas lansering av smaksatta whiskyn Black Velvet Toasted Caramel. En whiskey med smak av rostad kola. Perfekt att göra drinkar på och det var verkligen gott. Vi [...]

  13. Michael Whalen:

    this is one of my fav’s and everyone I have introduced it to, from ‘close to’ teetotaler women, to hard old straight scotch drinkers love it…I drink it as a mixed drink, with my usual diet 7 up…delish!

  14. Steve:

    Where can I find black velvet toasted caramel around La Habra California

    • Davin:

      Sorry, I don’t know. Maybe someone else can help you.

  15. My brother-in-law just have us a bottle & seal not broken! We will not break the seal, so any suggestions?

    • Davin:

      Take it back to the store. They’ll get it open for you.

  16. Oh, and we live in South Carolina!

  17. Chris:

    I’ve heard it’s unavailable in Manitoba Canada….
    Bought it a few years in a row and go to buy it for my Wife and l get “sorry sir we don’t offer it anymore……”

    • Davin:


  18. Jack Wilbur:

    why has the Lcbo stopped stocking this product?? It’s so good and perfect for winter, after skating or snow shoeing. Dam this is so sad.
    a lovely smooth, warming taste. Why?

  19. Jackie Wilbur:

    in Ontario Canada….. Why it’s such a good product. Who produces this product for Black Velvet?

    • Davin:

      Black Velvet distillery in Lethbridge, Alberta.

  20. AJ:

    Why has this been delisted? Can’t find it anywhere in Ontario. Bring it back please.

  21. Diane:

    First whiskey (ok…Jack & I got in a fight & haven’t spoken in 30 yewrs! Lol) Bought on the recommendation of a guy in the store. Absolutely loved it! Have been sharing it (but only a little to try!) & have been getting others to enjoy it too!

  22. Dave:

    So sad that people get like this product as it so good and the lcbc won’t give an answer to the staff in Ashcroft bc

  23. Kim:

    Just curious why it has been delisted? Just went to buy another bottle and LCBO said it is delisted…very sad day for this whiskey drinker!

  24. efy:

    where can it be purchase the caramel whiskey in Ontario canada

    • Davin:

      If LCBO doesn’t have it then you can’t buy it in Ontario.

  25. Tom:

    Is there still no word on why this incredibly delicious (and ostensibly popular) beverage is disappearing everywhere? Is it a production issue on Black Velvet’s end perhaps? It’s by far my favourite drink and I had a connection bringing it in from Quebec (I’m in Ontario) but it’s now no longer available in Quebec according to my source as well as the SAQ website! HELP!

    • Davin:

      Seasonal demand.

  26. Claus:

    Does that mean it will be available this fall again. I have been trying to find it somewhere in Canada for a while for my wife. It is her favorite. LCBO has let the ball drop on this on.

  27. John J Fatum:

    Where or how can I buy Black Velvet Toasted Caramel Whisky?
    I live in Columbus, Georgia near the Alabama-Georgia border.
    It’s my very favorite whisky.

    • Davin:

      You will have to check with your local liquor stores. Ask them to order it.

  28. Karyn MacKell:

    It is also my favourite and haven’t been able to get it anywhere in Ontario. What were they thinking when they delisted it!!! I wish they would rethink their decision. I really miss it.

  29. Mike:

    Where can I find this in Ontario? Can I have it sent to me through mail? LCBO stopped stocking it.Why??

    • Davin:

      It is no longer sold in Canada.

  30. Normio:

    We have our own distiler here in Canada , and we cant even purchase this wounderful tasting whiskey , now apparently only available in the usa, Maybe Trump can send it back…

  31. Susan:

    I don’t know why this product isn’t available in canada when it’s a Canadian company many people I know use it if they have bad indegestion.

  32. Dot:

    Does anyone know the sugar/carb count?
    Everything I’m reading says “0″ but it is awfully sweet.

    • Davin:

      No idea, but it is not zero.

  33. Susan:

    My search has revealed the Toasted Caramel Whisky is only sold in British Columbia in Canada. Being from Ontario, this is a little far to stop in LOL. Closest would be New York state. Does anyone know of a source than ship to Ontario?

  34. Chuck:

    Hard to find in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I find it I buy six bottles at a time.

    Is the B/V Caramel going to continue to be produced? One liquor store indicated it was not going to be produced any more.

  35. Paula:

    Where can I get Black Velvet Toasted Caramel in Sask or Alberta. It seems to have disappeared.

    • Davin:

      Not in Alberta anymore, I think.

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