Amherst Gate 40%

July 16, 2014


A simple, yet pleasing whisky with a hot peppery kick-off and a refreshing bitter grapefruit finale. In between it’s butterscotch sweet with dusty rye, crispy wood, citrus zest and aromatic burnt toffee. This basic mixing whisky is just a bit spirity so benefits from a shot of ginger ale. ★★★

Newfoundland is most decidedly rum country with a specialization in Newfie Screech, but it has its own whisky too. Amherst Canadian rye whisky is a three-year-old blend, custom made for the Newfoundland Liquor Commission. Unless you live on The Rock, you’ll have to travel there to get a bottle as Amherst Gate is exclusive to Newfoundland.

Newfoundlanders are not big on connoisseur spirits. On a recent tour of the province I could find only six whisky bars with good collections. Most people drink rum (Lamb’s), or Canadian whisky – Wiser’s, Golden Wedding, Canadian Club, Crown Royal and on special occasions Gibson’s 12.  They like it with Coke, although I prefer ginger ale.

Take it for what it is. If you’re visiting Newfoundland do have a dram of Amherst Gate, and a chat in the local pub. Who knows, you may just toddle over to the closest liquor store and pick up a bottle to bring home with you.  After all, you’re in Newfoundland and tha’t the only place you can buy it.

Very mixable!

40% alc/vol $26.00

Recommended ★★★


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