The Best Canadian Whiskies in the World

June 28, 2014


I can’t keep up with all the requests for recommendations for the best Canadian whiskies so I am re-posting this list of great whiskies from 2012. I’ve also added a few new favourites from 2013 at the bottom.  Remember – taste is personal and there may well be others that you would enjoy even more.

Alberta Premium Dark Horse
Canadian Club Sherry Cask
Canadian Rockies 21 Year Old
Century Reserve Lot 15/25
Crown Royal Black
Danfield’s 21
Forty Creek Confederation Oak
Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve
Forty Creek Port Wood Reserve
Gibson’s Finest 12 Year Old
Gibson’s Finest 100th Grey Cup Limited Edition
Gibson’s Finest Rare 18 Years Old
Highwood 25 Year Old
Lot No. 40 – 2012 Release
Masterson’s Straight Rye
Pendleton 1910
Pike Creek Double Barrel 10 Year Old
Rich and Rare Reserve
Still Waters 1+11
Wiser’s Legacy
Wiser’s Small Batch
Wiser’s 18 Year Old


Canadian Club 20 year old
Forty Creek Heart of Gold
Highwood Ninety 20 year old
Pike Creek nas
Wiser’s Red Letter

Link to list of 2012 Canadian Whisky Awards winners (announced January 2013).


12 Responses to “The Best Canadian Whiskies in the World”

  1. Have you tried the Crown Royal Cask No. 16? I found it to be superb.

    • Davin:

      GOOD CALL! Crown Royal Cask No. 16.
      Sadly it is being phased out. The 2013/14 batch will be released i Canada only and is the last one they’ll make.

      • Well that’s good to hear. I remember when my local shop had a closeout deal for $30 a bottle. I certainly picked up a few!

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  3. Nice picks, here’s my top 10 (well 11)…

    Alberta Premium Dark Horse as the 25yo is no more available
    Canadian Rockies 21
    Century Reserve 21yo
    Forty Creek John Private Cask 1
    Gibson Finest 18yo
    Highwood 25yo Calgary Stampede
    Lot 40 2012
    Mastersons French Oak Finish
    Stillwaters Stalk & Barrel #1
    Whistle Pig 10yo
    Wisers Legacy

    • Davin:

      Thanks André, I had a hard time getting it down to 10!
      You’ve got almost 100 reviewed on Quebec Whisky so you know your Canadian whisky.

  4. Our 100th canadian whisky review should be online by next tuesday.

    Thanx for your support Davin, your contribution to the canadian whisky industry need more recongnition !


  5. Yello to Mello:

    You could just add a link to a list of your 4.5/5 star ratings if so many viewers want to know.

    • Davin:

      Could do, but people don’t seem to like following links, and I can keep bringing this list up to date. Traffic on this post has been terrific. Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. paddockjudge:

    Great list Davin!…and foretelling. 2013 looks to mark a new high for the ‘Golden Age’ of Canadian whisky.

    And a blast from the past; although now long gone, I am compelled to lobby for one of my all-time favourites – Forty Creek John’s Private Cask No.1.

    See you in Grimsby.

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  8. Dave:

    Tried Alberta Premium Dark Horse recently. Something is really off with this whisky. The nose is horrid. Most likely due to them dumping some small amount of sherry in. I think they would have been much better off by actually finishing this in first fill hogsheads. That would be a much higher cost process, but people will pay for really good whisky. The Alberta Premium base rye is top notch, do it up right and they’d have a winner.

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