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Still Waters Single Malt Vodka Wins Gold

August 5, 2011


What? Vodka on a whisky site? Yes, Canada’s strict ageing laws ensure all whisky labelled as Canadian is at least three years old. So by law (it’s a good law) this malt spirit must be sold as vodka. However, this starts out as the very same spirit that the folks at Still Waters Distillery are maturing into single malt whisky. And yes, it does taste malty.

So when Barry Stein and Barry Bernstein sent us this notice that the Spirits International Prestige Awards in San Diego had recognized them with another gold medal for this ‘white whisky’ vodka we wanted to add to the celebration. We also thought we should let people know that in a few years Still Waters single malt vodka will be followed by Still Waters single malt whisky. Early tastings say their whisky will be just as tasty a single malt as their vodka is a vodka.


Concord, Ontario, August 3, 2011 – Still Waters Single Malt Vodka has been awarded with a GOLD medal at The Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards competition in San Diego, California. This is just the most recent of several international awards won by Still Waters Distillery for its Single Malt Vodka. It outperformed other well known higher priced international brands in the San Diego-based competition.

A spirit honored with the SIP Gold Medal Award is deemed to have the highest grade of nose, taste and finish quality, as compared with other products in its respective category. All spirits competing at the SIP Awards are blind taste-tested, and judged by a panel of international consumers. As a result, brands are evaluated exclusively on product quality. This type of unbiased competition essentially serves as an international focus group, leveling the playing field between well-established brands and niche artisan producers such as Still Waters Distillery.

Still Waters Distillery is Ontario’s first and only grain-to-glass micro-distillery. Its Single Malt Vodka is pot distilled from 100% Canadian two-row malted barley. Like all its products, it is made by hand in small batches using artisanal distilling techniques. Though made locally, their Single Malt Vodka is not currently available in Ontario, but is available in other Canadian markets and the U.S.

“We continue to draw international attention with our unique hand crafted, pot-distilled single malt vodka”, says Barry Bernstein, co-founder of Still Waters Distillery. Along with partner and co-founder, Barry Stein, they have developed their unusual but exceptional Single Malt Vodka through careful research and experimentation and are proud of the craftsmanship used to produce each and every bottle.

Still Waters Distillery started production in March, 2009 as Ontario’s first (and so far only) real micro-distillery. They are producing vodka and whisky in small batches, by hand, using traditional artisanal distilling techniques.

Very Highly Recommended ★★★★★

A detailed overview of Still Waters Distillery is posted here.


10 Responses to “Still Waters Single Malt Vodka Wins Gold”

  1. Mike:

    No kidding, this is easily the most impressive vodka I’ve tasted (though I’m no vodka expert). It has such a nice, soft, citrus-malt flavour that it’s almost a shame to mix it.

  2. Bill:

    This stuff is new make spirit? Aka “white whisky”, or moonshine?

    And it’s smooth, compared to other traditional vodkas?

    The only new make I’ve ever tried, was nasty.

    • Mike:

      It’s vodka, therefore distilled to a higher purity and filtered unlike new make spirit. It is very smooth and has a distinct malt flavour, but it is much softer and more subtle than you’d expect new-make malt whisky to be.

      It certainly is tempting to look at this as unaged whisky but the process is different; only the ingredients are the same.

      • Davin:

        Yes Mike, It is not exactly the same spirit they are maturing. It begins with the same spirit but it goes through the still a third time and is lightly filtered afterwards. The new whisky spirit is indeed more flavourful, but it has the same flavours. It is very common for new malt spirit to be quite drinkable. What is amazing to me is how at Still Waters they have retained the malty flavour in their vodka. The vodka tastes very similar to their new make but has been smoothened into vodka. I have a bottle that I am keeping to compare with their malt whisky when they start to release it.

    • Davin:

      Bill, see Mike’s comments. This vodka begins with new make but is further refined into vodka. Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. It most certainly is not moonshine! It compares favourably with the white whisky the craft distillers in the U.S. are making. I am told some of that is also quite tasty as well.

  3. These guys are doing very good job.
    Good stuff indeed !

  4. Darko Vusir:

    Is this available in Ontario for purchase?

    • Davin:

      I think they’ve sold out at the LCBO. My guess is they’ll likely bring it back.

      • Darko Vusir:


        I’ll keep an eye out for it.

        • Darko Vusir:

          Found some at the LCBO in Waterdown ON.

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