Shelter Point Cask Offer

November 4, 2011


Shelter Point Distillery Releases Inaugural Cask Offer

Vancouver Island (November 2011)
Shelter Point Distillery is making history this month as it releases its inaugural Cask Offer to the public on November 1, 2011.

Shelter Point Distillery is extremely pleased to be offering a limited number of casks
from its annual production to whisky connoisseurs who want to be part of this West
Coast Whisky adventure from the very beginning.

Three years in the making, Shelter Point Distillery began its maiden voyage to sow,
grow and distill barley when distilling commenced in June 2011. Under the guidance of
well known Master Distiller, Mike Nicolson, the spirit is distilled batch by batch in
traditional copper pot stills and will utilize waters drawn from our own aquifer, which is
glacier fed by nearby snowcapped mountains.

Whisky is matured in the highest quality oak casks, each individually numbered and
marked with the owner’s name. Cask Owners will be involved in a close relationship
with their barrel through annual cask samples, opportunities to visit the Distillery as well
as input into deciding at which stage in the maturation they would like to bottle the single
malt and at what strength. Shelter Point will take care of the bottling and owners will
have the option to create personalized labels for their unique product.

“So far, Shelter Point’s new make character is developing between the ‘green’ and
‘fruity’ categories. The American oak will complement this with further layers of
vanilla/coconut leading to what we hope will be a light but subtly complex mature spirit.”
Says Master Distiller Mike Nicolson regarding the flavor profile of the new make spirit.

Contact us for information on this opportunity.

Contact: Rebecca Berry at Shelter Point Distillery


3 Responses to “Shelter Point Cask Offer”

  1. John:

    what is the cost of a cask?

  2. Piers:

    approx $5000, which includes care of the cask until it’s 3 yrs old, new make samples, and updates as long as they’re holding it..

  3. sam k:

    What about bottling costs?

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