Collingwood Canadian Whisky (Brown-Forman)

Introducing Collingwood Canadian Whisky

February 13, 2011


Press Release
Brown-Forman Releases Collingwood Canadian Whisky
Introducing the only toasted Maplewood mellowed Canadian whisky

February 14, 2011, Louisville, Ky. – Brown-Forman announces the release of Collingwood, a new premium Canadian whisky which is set to hit shelves in February. Collingwood will be the only Maplewood mellowed Canadian whisky available on the market.

Every batch of Collingwood starts with the finest Canadian grains, pure spring water from Ontario’s Georgian Bay and its very own, hand-crafted, Maplewood mellowing process. The whisky is triple distilled for smoothness and then matured in white oak barrels. In Collingwood’s unique finishing step, the whisky rests with toasted Maplewood to complete its smooth character.

“By now, people have figured out fancy bags and bottles don’t make great whisky, it’s what’s inside that counts,” said Brown-Forman Master Distiller Chris Morris. “With passion and perseverance, we set out to create nothing short of the smoothest Canadian whisky ever made. Collingwood has arrived to set the new standard for smoothness and to revolutionize the Canadian whisky category.”

The gentle Maplewood mellowing process Collingwood undergoes is something unique in the Canadian Whisky category. It has a refined character that can be enjoyed on the rocks or mixed in a whisky cocktail.

Collingwood’s unique over-cap, flask shaped package was created by the media & design group at Brown-Forman based in Louisville, Kentucky.

“The brand objective was to communicate and personify smoothness to the discerning whisky drinker,” said Webb Blevins, Global Creative Director at Brown-Forman. “We believe Collingwood is the smoothest whisky ever made, and because of this, we wanted the package to really show off the liquid inside. We tried to immediately communicate premium without shouting or trying to impress, because Collingwood is for those who have nothing to prove to anyone but themselves.”

Collingwood will launch an ad campaign to coincide with the product’s release in several trade magazines and out of home billboards in launch markets. Available in Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana and Texas initially, more markets will be added later in 2011. Each bottle is presented at 80 proof with a suggested retail price of $26.99 for a 750ml bottle.

A review of Collingwood Canadian Whisky is posted here.


45 Responses to “Introducing Collingwood Canadian Whisky”

  1. Greg:

    I’ll be in KY in April doing a couple barrel picks so guess I’ll have to hunt down a bottle to take back home. The more interesting Canadian whiskies are hard to find here in the US (market driven) and here in my state of VA, the selection is not that great. Looking forward to trying this one out.

    • Davin:

      That sounds like fun. Who are you picking barrels for, and where from?

      • Greg:

        Davin – these are personal picks that I do with a group of guys. We’ll be visiting Four Roses, Kentucky Bourbon Distillers and Heaven Hill. Hope to get at least two barrels while there.

        • Davin:

          Hi Greg,
          Sounds like you are a lot more than just a Bourbon Dork. You are on my links page, but I’m posting a link to your blog here as well in case others want to have a look.

          Have fun pickin’ those barrels.

          • Greg:

            Davin – many thanks to you. I am a bit of a nut when it comes to whisk(e)y. It started with Bourbon and then broadened to Irish, Scotch, Japanese and Indian. Upon finding your site, I’ll now add Canadian. Your reviews are very compelling and spur me to seek out some of these labels. I hunt for out of production bourbons in Washington DC so I’ll be on the lookout for tax strip Canadians as well. Thanks for the plug, much appreciated.

          • Davin:

            Hi Greg,
            I am keenly interested in tax-strip Canadians as well. If you find any gems with doubles, please do let me know.
            I’m glad to see you include Irish whiskies on your list. There are some great ones out there. Like you, I’m, more interested in the whisky itself than where it came from and I do love my Bourbon, Scotch, Japanese, and so on.

  2. Darko Vusir:

    Is this going to be available in Ontario?

    • Davin:

      Hi Darko,

      Although they are not specific about the dates, the latest word from Brown-Forman is that Collingwood will be coming to Canada, beginning most probably in Ontario.


    • Judith:

      Check in your local LCBO. We just found one in ours.

      • Davin:

        And they can always order on in for you.

  3. dbk:

    It’ll be interesting to see how this differs from the Canadian Mist expressions available. Based on the packaging and promotion, they seem to want to distance it from CM, I’m guessing to compete in the premium Canadian whisky market. Smart way for Brown-Forman to market the use of their used maple barrels from their latest Woodford Reserve Masters Collection release.

    • Davin:

      Hi dbk,
      I’m not sure when I’ll have my review up – Gibson’s Sterling is next – but in it I am comparing Collingwood to several other Canadians including three Canadian Mist variations.

  4. duncan:

    Currently at luke in new orleans. Being from ontario collingwood caught my eye and I was blown away by this whisky. It is very good.

  5. Shan kanapathipillai:

    Hi, I am a mortgage broker and Realtor, I drink since my age of sixteen all of whiskeys are from Scotland & ireland but when I drink Collingwood, following Morning i don’tfeel any hang over. I am proud to say canadian whiskey COLLINGWOOD is Worldclass Second to none

    THANK YOU Brown Forman

  6. Natasha Gordon:

    Just picked up two 40 oz bottles of Collingwood from the LCBO in Collingwood (proud smile). It’s flying off the shelves here like crazy… everyone is going nuts for it! Packaging is SUPERB, what’s inside is even more wonderful….FLAVOUR = INCREDIBLE. Definitely a WINNER.

    Natasha Gordon
    Collingwood, Ontario

    • aa:

      man wish they would sell this in cali i love collingwood would love to have some!

  7. alex bruce:

    i recently sampled to some extent this new so called canadian whisky at my daughters wedding.i was very impressed with the taste as well as the lack of any ill efects.well done.alex b

  8. alex bruce:

    date oct 22/11 just wondering when there will be more collingwood in the stores?its been 3 weeks since ive seen it in the lcbo.ab

    • Davin:

      I think LCBO has an information line on their website. Probably best to ask them directly.

  9. Matt M:

    This is the best whiskey I’ve ever had. Was told about it by a co-worker who saw it in a magazine and picked it up at the LCBO in Pickering, ON. I used to be a Jameson guy, but am proud to be converted to Collingwood. A fantastic whiskey at a great price.

    Only complaint… it’s so damn hard to find in Ottawa!

  10. I drink single malt scotches (mostly the “Glens”), and Maker”’s Mark bourbon, but also like the occasional Canadian whiskey. I’m a fan of Alberta Springs, and find the Collingwood to be similar, just a bit smoother, and “warmer.” I’m now a fan. Good work guys!

    • Davin:

      Have you tried Maker’s Mark 46? There is a similarity in the spiciness.

  11. Robert from BC:

    Being an avid single malt guy, I didn’t think I would like Collingwood. I was wrong, it’s superb. Second to none.

    It is a world class sipping whiskey at a bargain price.

  12. Chris:

    Imagine my surprize when I saw a bottle in my neighbourhood liquor store, as Collingwood is my home town. It’s now my favourite whiskey, smooth as hell and oh so tasty. So nice to have a taste of home out west in B.C.

  13. Ben:

    I have drank whiskey for years,trying all sorts of brands and this one is by far the best I`ve had. The taste is unreal,pure,and you can`t beat the price. A must for any one looking to try a new drink !

  14. Weirzee:

    I have been a CR drinker for many years and love the smooth taste of Collingwood. I would recommend this fine whiskey to all my friends. Enjoy Collingwood in 2012, make it your new year drink of choice. Cheers my friends!!

  15. Sue:

    Love what is inside…. however getting in is a challenge. Any hints?

    • Davin:

      Sure – it just pulls off. Maybe give it a little twist. There is a cap underneath so you won’t spill anything.

  16. Dan Dias:

    This is the very best tasting whiskey i have had!

  17. joe:

    its smooth.. like licking a sleepy kitten.

  18. Nancy Gullage:

    Just purchased a bottle from the Belleville, Ontario LCBO. One word – WOW!
    Love love love this whiskey! I’m am as always, proud to be Canadian!

  19. Nick:

    I just Bought another bottle from The LCBO at the Rideau Center in Ottawa… this stuff is simply amazing. By far the best whiskey I’ve had.

  20. Mike:

    Just received a 750ml bottle of the Toasted Maplewood Mellowed Collingswood Whisky as a gift from Brown-Forman. Can’t wait to delve into it!!!!!

    • Davin:

      Lucky man, Mike. Enjoy it!

  21. John Bell:

    Tried out a bottle this weekend and was delighted. One of the best whiskies, for the price, I’ve ever had. But I found your packaging very annoying. Lose the stupid plastic helmet. In this day and age, such pointless packaging is needlessly wasteful and environmentally destructive. Your product is more than good enough to stand on its own.

    • Davin:

      Hi John,
      I see your point. Still, I think that cap has generated so much conversation that it has probably paid for itself many times over. I’m glad you like Collingwood; I do too. Incidentally, I am a writer and I don’t make or sell whisky.

  22. [...] down outside. Good for me, that is, tucked inside the cabin with a book, a fire, and a tumbler of Ontarian whisky. Not so good for Phillip who tramped off through the snow towards the car earlier in the evening, [...]

  23. Dan Stewart:

    I had the pleasure of sampling your finely crafted product this weekend. I can only describe it as liquid silk. Collingwood Wiskey has now been added to my short list of fine Canadian Wiskey that should be properly savoured on the rocks or neat.

    Collingwood Wiskey, a true work of art.

  24. Brandon:

    Hey Davin,

    was reading up on some of your Q and A’s on these different pages. just curious as to what you mean when you are talking about these tax strips? i have come across a 375ml bottle of silk tassel with a strip over the top that reads ” Bottled in bond under excise supervision certified manufacture in the year 1980″ it also has a cereal #A14596737 on it? Just curious if this is a tax strip? i assume if i wanted to indulge in it one day i am safe to do so?


    • Davin:

      Hi Brandon,
      Yes, that’s a tax strip. That is put on the bottle to show that the tax was paid when it was brought out of bond.
      As long as the seal is still good and the labels high it should be safe to drink.

      • Brandon:

        Thanks man…

  25. Joe Edwards:

    Great Whisky guys. I work for Twin Liquors in Texas. Just opened our 70th store. Wasn’t a Canadian Whisky fan, but tried Collingwood during a tasting event and really enjoyed it. I am really pushing this whiskey. I sold over 40 bottles alone last month and had several people come to my store and thank me for the recommendation

    • Davin:

      Isn’t it great to find something new that you really enjoy?

  26. Just an introduction,
    I am a Canadian, Ontario based cooper that makes barrels from Ontario (Prince Edward County Maple).
    I thought you might be interested

    Pete Bradford

    • Davin:

      Thanks for the note, Pete.
      Pete Bradford of Carriage House Cooperage hand crafts barrels for whisky and wine makers. I’ve visited his cooperage (on the same property as 66 Gilead Distillery) and was most impressed by his knowledge and craftsmanship. Artisinal barrels you could say.

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