Directory of Canadian Craft Distilleries

Directory of Micro-Distillers in Canada

January 10, 2015


Microdistilling is growing in leaps and bounds here in Canada. Three or four times each month we learn of someone who is intent on starting a new distillery. How encouraging for a lover of fine spirits.

If only it was as simple as having a dream. Of all the nascent micro-distillers we’ve heard of over the years, only a few have made any significant progress. And there is one simple reason for this. Before they start looking at stills, before they design their logos or launch their websites, they need to prepare a detailed business plan, a REAL business plan. Most people just have no idea how to do that.

Two primary things lead to failure in launching and operating a new micro-distillery: Lack of detailed, long-range business planning, and under-capitalization – not enough money. If you are planning to become a distiller, do your homework and prepare a detailed plan. If necessary, hire a professional to help you, but do your own research.

Despite the odds, the distilleries listed below have succeeded in getting launched. Each has an operating still and each has spirit for sale to the public. And each of them is run by people who know it takes long hours to make a dream come alive. You will be tempted to ask them to help you with your business plan, but remember, the hard questions, the technical questions, the legal questions have to be answered by you, the person who will be investing their time and money in the new distillery.

If you are one of the many hopeful new distillers, good luck.  Once you are operational, or close, let us know and we’ll do our best to get the word out about your distillery.  In the mean time, follow your plan!

Bloomfield Ontario Prince Edward County

66 Gilead Distillery (now called Kinsip)
Bloomfield, Ontario
K0K 1G0
Vodka, gin, rum, whisky, shochu.

66 Gilead


Ampersand Distilling Company
4077 Lanchaster Rd.
Duncan, British Columbia

Arbutus Distillery
1890 Boxwood RD
Nanaimo, BC
V9S 5Y2
tel: (250) 714-0027
Vodka & gin.

Bearhill Brewing and Distilling - Wood Buffalo Distilling

Bearhill Brewing & Distilling
Wood Buffalo Brewing Co.
9914 Morrison Street
Fort McMurray, Alberta, T9J 1V2
White spirits

Bearhill Brewing & Distilling

Central City Distillery, Vancouver BC, Canada

Central City Brewers & Distillers
11411 Bridgeview Drive
Surrey B.C. V3R 0C2
Vodka, whisky, gin.

Central Distilling

Michel Jodoin XO 8 years old Ciderie Michel Jodoin
1130 Petit Caroline
Rougement, Quebec
J0L 1M0
Apple eau-de-vie, brandy, liqueurs.

Michel Jodoin

Deep Cove Distillers a new micro attached to a restaurantDeep Cove Brewers and Distillers
Unit 170 – 2270 Dollarton Hwy.
North Vancouver, B.C. V7H 1A8
Vodka, gin

Deep Cove

Dillon's Small Batch Distillery in Beamsville, Ontario

Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers
4833 Tufford Road,
Beamsville, Ontario
White rye, vodka, gin, bitters.


Dixon’s Distilled Spirits
355 Elmira Road North, Unit 106
Guelph, ON N1K1S5!findus/c1xe2
Vodka, moonshine, aged moonshine, gin, infused vodka

Eau Claire Distillery
113 Sunset Boulevard NW
Turner Valley, Alberta
Vodka, gin, prickly pear,

Eau Claire Distillery

Distillerie Fils du Roy Distillery

Distillerie Fils du Roy
599 rue Principale, Petit Paquetville
New Brunswick
Gin, whisky, grain spirits.

Fils du Roy

Glen Breton Single Malt whisky (like Scotch)

Glenora Inn & Distillery
Route 19 – Ceilidh Trail
Glenville, Cape Breton
Nova Scotia,
Office: 17 Murdock MacKay Court, Suite 202
Lower Sackville, NS
B4C 4G3
PO Box 181,
Mabou, NS
B0E 1X0
Single malt whisky.


Ironworks Distillery, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ironworks Distillery
The Blacksmith’s Shop
2 Kempt St. Box 734
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
B0J 2C0
Apple vodka, apple brandy, fruit liqueur, rum , eau-de-vie.


Island Spirits, Hornby Island, British Columbia

Island Spirits Distillery
4605 Roburn Rd.,
Hornby Island, BC
V0R 1Z0
Gin, vodka, aquavit.

Island Spirits

Jost Vineyards eau-de-vie distillery

Jost Vineyards Ltd.
48 Vintage Lane
Malagash, Nova Scotia
B0K 1E0

Kings Lock

King’s Lock Craft Distillery
5 Newport Drive
Johnstown, ON K0E 1T1
Gin, vodka, moonshine


Klondike River Distillery, Yukon

Klondike River Distillery
Box 1666, Dawson City, Yukon Territory


Kootenay Country Craft Distillery, BC, Canada

Kootenay Country Craft Distillery
RR#1 S7 C12, Winlaw, B.C.
VoG 2J0

Last Mountain Distillery, Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Canada

Last Mountain Distillery
70 Highway 20,
P. O. Box 736
Lumsden, Saskatchewan
S0G 3C0
Vodka, whisky, liqueur.

Last Mountain

Last Straw Distillery
40 Pippin Road – Unit #9
Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 4M6
(416) 564-5971

Moonshine, rum, gin, vodka

Last Straw Distillery

The Subversive Distillers, Quebec, Canada

Les Distillateurs Subversifs
100 8e Rang
Saint-Alexandre, Quebec
J0J 1S0
Rum, whisky, gin.

Les Subversifs

Liberty Distillery in Vancouver

Liberty Distillery
1494 Old Bridge Road
Granville Island,
Vancouver, BC V6H 3S6

Liberty Distillery

Lucky Bastard Distillers

LB Distillers
814 47th Street East
Saskatoon, SK S7K0X4
Whisky, liqueurs, vodka, gin, eau-de-vie, bitters

Lucky Bastards

Long Table Distillers

Long Table Distillery Ltd.
1451 Hornby St.
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1W8
Vodka, gin, akvavit, brandy, amaro, limoncello, marc, peppermint spirit.

Long Table

Maple Leaf Spirits, Okanagan Valley, BC

Maple Leaf Spirits Inc.
1386 Carmi Ave.
Penticton, BC
V2A 3H2
Brandy, liqueur, skinny (grappa), kirsch, schnapps, eau-de-vie.

Maple Leaf

Merridale Ciderworks, Cobble Hill, BC

Merridale Artisan Distillery
Box 358, 1230 Merridale Rd.,
Cobble Hill, BC
V0R 1L0
Eau-de-vie, brandy, fruit vodka.


Mill Street Brewery and Distillery, Toronto, Canada

Mill Street Brewing and Distilling
21 Tankhouse Lane
Distillery District
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 3C4
Beer schnapps, gin, whisky.

Mill Street

Murphy’s Law Distillery
90 Earl Martin Drive,
Elmira, Ontario

North of 7 Distillery
1733 St. Laurent Blvd.,
Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 3V4
Gin, white dog, whisky, vodka, rum

North of 7

Odd Society Fine Spirits

Odd Society
1725 Powell Street
Vancouver BC V5L 1H6
Vodka, barley spirit, gin
Odd Society

Okanagan spirits Kelowna B.C.Canada

Okanagan Craft Spirits Distillery
2980 28th Avenue,
Vernon BC
V1T 1V9
267 Bernard Avenue
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 6N2

Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery’s internationally acclaimed award-winning spirits are crafted using copper pot stills and 100% B.C. fruit. Spirits include gin, whisky, vodka, eaux-de-vie, liqueurs, marc, aquavit and absinthe.


Tyler Schramm's Pemberton distillery

Pemberton Distillery
Box 482, Pemberton, BC
V0N 2L0
Whisky, vodka, gin.


Prince Edward Distillery in Prince Edward Island (Julie Shore & Arla Johnson)

Prince Edward Distillery
Route 16
9984 Northside Rd.
Hermanville, Prince Edward Island
C0A 2B0
Vodka, whisky.

Prince Edward

Distillerie Rheault Hearst Ontario

Distillerie Rheault
Lot 24, Concession 3, Highway 583 N, RR#19,
Hearst, Ontario,
P0L 1N0
Vodka, liqueur, whisky.


Shelter Point Distillery in Campbell River, BC

Shelter Point Distillery
4692 Regent Road,
Campbell River, B.C.
V9H 1E3
Single malt whisky.

Shelter Point

Still Waters Distillery in Concord (Toronto) Ontario

Still Waters Distillery
150 Bradwick Dr. Unit 26
Concord, Ontario
Vodka, single malt whisky, rye whisky, blended whisky.

Still Waters


Myriad View makes strait spirits - legal moonshine on Prince Edward Island

The Myriad View Distillery
1336 Route 2
Rollo Bay, Prince Edward Island
C0A 2B0
New spirit, vodka, rum, whisky.

Myriad View

Urban Distilleries
#6, 325 Bay Avenue (Between the Train Station Pub and Knox Mtn.)
Kelowna, B.C.
V1Y 7S3

tel. (778) 478-0939
Urban Distilleries is BC’s first craft distillery producing 100% BC farm to glass vodka, gin, single malt whisky and eaux-de-vie using copper pot stills.


Victoria Spirits, Victoria BC

Victoria Spirits
6170 Old West Saanich Road
Victoria B.C.
V9E 2G8
Gin, vodka, eau-de-vie.


Wayward Distillation House
2931 Moray Ave.
Courtenay, BC V9N 7S7
tel: (250) 871 – 0424
Vodka & gin made from honey.

Winegarden Estate in New Brunswick

Winegarden Estate Ltd.
851 Route 970
Baie Verte, New Brunswick
E4M 1Z7
Eau-de-vie, brandy, liqueur, bitters.


Yukon Shine Distillery
137 Industrial Road,
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory,
Y1A 2V2
Potato vodka, gin

Yukon Shine

se, Y.T.Y1A 2V2 Vodka, Gin

Yukon Spirits, Whitehorse, Yukon

Yukon Spirits

102A Copper Road
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 2Z6
Botanical vodka, whisky.

Please note: all graphics were take from the websites of the individual craft distillers and may be changed, updated or removed at their request.

The website BC Distilled provides more information about and links to 10 distilleries in British Columbia.

Map of all Canadian distilleries

Major distilleries are in green, craft distilleries in red, locations with more than one distillery in bright red.


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  2. Ottawa Distillery Co.:

    And don’t forget about the new distillery about to be launched in Ottawa!!!!

  3. I didn’t know there were so many craft distillers in Canada. I hope to sample and review some of their products.

  4. Blair Phillips:

    This would make one hell of a road trip. It replaces sky diving on my bucket list.

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  6. Steve Heibein:

    I just visited Prince Edward Distillery in P.E.I. and really enjoyed it the two ladies that own and run the distillery are really fun and passionate about their distillery AND THEY HAVE GREAT SPIRITS!!!

  7. Mike Keel:


    I am working on a TV series shooting out of N. Vancouver, BC. and we are about to build a whiskey distillery for one of our sets and I am trying to track down used shipping crates that I can rent for a week or two.
    Please let me know if anyone has a lead.


  8. Vaughn Uffelman:

    Hello Craft Distillers I have tote bags of cleaned homegrown Rye,Triticale,Wheat and Malt Barley for sale grown in BC and Alberta.403 888 2007.

  9. Good morning I just wanted to see if anyone needs help with toted or bagged rye, wheat, and corn. I can help on both organic and conventional. Works great into Ontario call. 800-369-1550

  10. Doug Blendell:


    I’m wondering what advantage BC has over Ontario. Seems like they have 14 craft distilleries. Is the legal/licensing landscape more favourable there?

    • Sylvain Segard:

      Yes, your assumption is correct. BC changed its regulatory regime to be more permissive to micro distillers. For example, there are no provincial liquor tax or duties for small distilleries that source the majority of their agricultural inputs from within the province. Only sales taxes are lrvied on products sold within province.

  11. Alan Bain:

    Hi is there anybody on here that can help me please i live in Scotland & i got giving a bottle of Whisky about 8/9 years ago the name of the whisky is called “Nordingle”. i still have it & it’s not been opened i get the feeling this bottle is about 40 to 45 years old by now? been looking for some info on it & i can’t seem to find any i’m not 100% sure if it’s from canada i look forward to any info thank you Alan

    • Davin:

      I have never heard of it.

  12. Alan Bain:

    On the lable it says Distilled & Blended by Herblay & Duvallon. Ltd anyone heard of them?

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  14. Rob Colvin:

    Does anyone know of any micro distilleries that produce 50ml miniatures?

    • Tony:

      Hi Rob
      We sell 50ml and other size bottles at our distilleries in Vernon and Kelowna BC

  15. moses:

    how many liters of alcohol can we produce from 100 kg of crushed grapes?

    • Davin:

      Sorry, I have no idea but it will depend on the grape variety, and fermentation & distillation efficiency.

  16. Am looking for licence of manufacture liquor which I can make my own
    Liquor please if some he want to sale his licence please send me email

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  18. William Carter:

    Big Dog Distilleries in Clark’s Beach is launching a “traditional” Newfoundland Whiskey this fall. Based on folklore, local ingredients, the oldest recipes and techniques known to the industry, this whiskey is sure to earn a place on the international stage.

  19. Reese Soreni:

    I’m an exporter to middle east, looking for Canadian Whiskey, Vodka, Gin and Rum in 1L or more bottle. Please contact me at

  20. Distillery making a product called Grandpas’ Home Brew, Saskatoon wine is used to water down the ethanol to 40%. The ethanol is made from a fruit and malting Barley recipe. The end result is a very smooth, unique tasting spirit.

  21. We’re in Grand Forks BC and open for business. How do we get added to this list and your map?

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    Hello distillers we are growers of high quality triticale and hybrid rye grains.All is tested for protein and starch levels and cleaned of all impurities.We can ship in bulk bags of any size and can be milled to specs.Customers can enjoy a year round supply of the same quality grain as we have large supplies on hand.Cheers

  23. Lee Brubacher:

    Conestogo Mill Inc., is looking for a distillery tenant interested in setting up a micro distillery in a 170 year old mill at the confluence of the Conestogo and Grand River in the village of Conestogo.
    Interested parties please contact Lee Brubacher 519-573-7971

  24. Craft Distillers in W Canada; my company CCC Ingredients has an agreement with DuPont Enzymes to provide enzymes across Canada. In W Canada contact me for detailed information at (604) 649-6197. Chat soon!

    • Tony:

      Hi Alison
      Please send me info on what yeasts that you have for vodka from grain and apples as well as for whisky.

      You may have already been in contact with one of my distillers.

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  26. I am trying to find out information on Central Canadian Distilling Co. from Toronto and Kelowna. They made Saskatchewan Rye Wiskey in the 1980s. I’ve not been able to find out anything about them on the Internet.

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