Canadian Whisky Book Best in World Finalist

February 22, 2013


Best in World Spirits Book Finalist for 2012

From hundreds of new spirits books published in 2012, Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert is one of just five that have advanced to compete for Best Spirits Book in The World at the Gourmand International Book Awards. The winner will be announced at Carrousel du Louvre, Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 20H.00. As many as 1,400 guests are expected to attend the presentation. The Gourmand Awards will be held this year in conjunction with the Paris Cookbook Fair which runs from Friday, February 22 to Sunday, February 24, 2013.

The five finalists include: Investing in Spirits, Zeng Yu (Beijing Zito Books, China), Sake, Rainer Schillings, Ansgar Pudenz (99Pages, Germany), Single Malt Kitchen – Anton Bylygin, Erkin Tuzmvhamedov (Eksmo, Russia), Steffos Spiritbibel, Steffo Törnquist, Helen Pe (Lind and Co., Sweden) and Canadian Whisky, Davin de Kergommeaux (McClelland Stewart, Canada.)

Each year, Gourmand hosts the awards in a location that has special significance for gastronomy. Past events have been held in London, Frankfurt, Bejing, Kuala Lumpur, Grythyttan Sweden and Barcelona, among others. The ceremony is an opportunity to meet the most influential people in the world of food, wine and spirits publishing; each year hundreds of publishers, authors, chefs and journalists take part.

Does this nomination make me one of the five best spirits writers in the world?  Come on!  We all know Dave Broom, Christine Sismondo, Charlie MacLean, Dave Wondrich, and a host of others can write circles around me. So thanks guys and gal for clearing the path for me by not publishing a new book in 2012!  ;-)


4 Responses to “Canadian Whisky Book Best in World Finalist”

  1. When I reviewed you book last may I said,

    ” “Canadian Whisky: the portable expert ” is in my mind the most complete story of Canadian Whisky ever written. As a reference book it will prove invaluable to me, as within its pages is a treasure trove of information about making whisky, but more importantly, as a story, the book is easy to pick up, easy to read, and just plain interesting! It was a great read!”

    You responded to me in private that I was being overly generous, but it turns out .. I was right! :)

    Congratulations Davin! We (all of your whisky reviewing friends) are very proud of you!

  2. Jamie Betteridge:

    I did pick up a copy of this book, almost done, but have very much enjoyed it. Thanks for writing it Davin. I’d love to say I think you deserve to win but as I haven’t read the other four books, it would kind of narrow of me.

    That doesn’t mean I can’t HOPE you win, regardless!

  3. Paul:

    I read the book in lil more than 2days couldnt put it down. Great read and packed with info and history.

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