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Introducing Canadian Mist Black Diamond (43% alc./vol.)

April 5, 2010



Premium Line Extension Promises a More Robust Expression of Canadian Mist Whisky

Louisville, Ky. (August 5, 2010) – Canadian Mist Whisky is proud to announce the release of “Canadian Mist Black Diamond”, a premium line extension which is set to hit shelves in late August.

This richer, more robust expression of Gold Medal-winning Canadian Mist is the creation of Canadian Mist Master Blender Steve Hughes, whose signature will adorn each bottle. Canadian Mist Black Diamond is blended at 86 proof and has a higher sherry and rye content to give it a more enhanced flavor and deliver the smooth profile for which Canadian Mist is known.

“Our consumers told us they wanted a premium offering from their favorite brand for those special occasions and every day celebrations,” said Hughes. “We wanted to enhance two main flavor attributes that are the key contributors to our gold medal winning formula.”

Distilled in Collingwood, Ontario, Canadian Mist Black Diamond is crafted using select grains and crisp, clear water from the pristine Georgian Bay, North America’s largest pure water source. It is rich in rye and sherry for a full-bodied flavor that can be savored straight or enjoyed in your favorite cocktail.

“Canadian Mist Black Diamond delivers the exceptional quality and taste our current consumers have come to expect from Canadian Mist,” added Alan George, Canadian Mist Brand Director. “It is truly a premium whisky experience that is ideal for celebrating life’s special occasions, or any occasion at all.”

Canadian Mist Black Diamond, a Brown-Forman product, has a suggested retail price of $14.99 for a 750ml. It will launch in six markets in August – Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan and Texas. More markets will follow in early 2011.

Enjoy Life. Drink Mist Responsibly.

Imported and Bottled by Brown-Forman Beverages, Canadian Whisky, A Blend, 40 – 43% Alc. by Volume, Louisville, KY ©2010 CANADIAN MIST is a registered trademark.

Canadian Mist Black Diamond is reviewed here.  
The original Canadian Mist is reviewed here.


11 Responses to “Introducing Canadian Mist Black Diamond (43% alc./vol.)”

  1. Sorry – I accidentally deleted a comment about Canadian Mist. Re-post and I will make sure it gets approved.

  2. George Jetson:


    John Hansell has a review up at his blog….. I’d be interested in your counterpoint.

  3. Davin:

    Hi George,

    I have tasted CM Black 5 or 6 times and have notes half ready, but have been off my feed for a few days so haven’t got the review finished. I was planning to publish it today – (coincidence!), but will have to pull something else out of the archives instead.

    I think John has pretty much captured CM Black, I think he’s a bit light on descriptors for the regular CM. That cola/brio note that you only get in Canadian Mist is amplified in the Black Diamond and that is sure to make it a great mixer.

    If John considers CM Black something he would drink neat on a regular basis, that’s most likely because of the creamy body. It is also quite expressive, but honestly, I prefer Crown Royal Black for drinking straight. Crown Black is not stellar, it’s just really comfortable and it has a lot more going on than the simpler CM. For CM Black Diamond they did get the ‘more robust’ description right, for sure.

    Anyway, I like Canadian Mist Black Diamond just as much as John does; with any luck I’ll have the review posted on Thursday evening.


  4. ralph:

    can I purchase Canadian Mist Black Diamond and/or Glen Breton here in the U.S.? My mother (who is a Canadian citizen born and raised in Cape Breton (Belle Cote) brought some back for me when she was visiting but we can’t find it here in the U.S. We live in Florida now but wondered if it can be shipped to us here from Canada or is it available to be shipped from NY, Connecticut and or Miami. Thanks

    • Davin:


      Canadian Mist Black Diamond is available in many places the U.S. You may have to check a few outlets. I think Glen Breton is a bit more difficult to find so if I were you I would try one of the on-line stores such as DrinkUpNY or Binny’s. I think Glen Breton gets better every year. The new ‘Battle of the Glen’ is really quite spectacular. Good luck in your searches.

  5. Mike:

    when will it be available in West Virginia?

    • Davin:

      Hi Mike,
      Sorry, I’m not sure what the plans are for rolling it out across the U.S.

  6. Randy:

    I want to know where it can be bought in NW Indiana?

    • Davin:

      Sorry, I have no idea. Try a google search.

  7. Has Black Diamond been discontinued?

    • Davin:

      Not certain, but I believe so, yes.

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